Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hauptmann Amerika

This has got to be one of the weirdest things for me in the Universe... Captain America in German!

I think I heard something in there about sending the Führer to hell

Here is trailer two in German

The Red Skull sounds awesome!


An Unexpected Delight

Holy Crap! The Irish Times call Captian America "An unexpected delight."

See Link Here

Maybe folks overseas will like movie Steve Rogers after all.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ave Marvel

In all of the SDCC news dump this small tidbit jumped out for me. It's been announced that Strikeforce: Morituri is being delvoped into a Movie.

SFM would actually work quite well as film since all of the characters would be under a death sentence. They tried to get a TV version of of this in 2003 so I'm not holding my breath though.

see link here

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rotten Tomatoes is Manipulating Captain America's Score

Currently Cap is barely getting a Fresh Rating at Rotten Tomatoes. Yesterday, It was Rotten with only a few reviews. I'm Calling BS on this as Warner Brothers owns RT and Cap is MARVEL/Disney.

From Comic book Movie:

Rotten Tomatoes is indeed owned by Warner Brothers, the company behind the recently released Harry Potter movie. As the reviews roll in it would seem that the RT score is being manipulated to be presented as low score and in fact rotten. As I write this the score stands at 58% with a 7/10 rating, 14 positive reviews and 10 negative. Wow? 7/10 still, and it sits at a 58% rating? A little odd I might say. I've been scanning the web all day and I know for a fact there are way more than 14 positive reviews from major critics out there, and maybe there are more than 10 negative reviews from major critics but I don't see them. In fact every negative review that I see on the web is updated on RT, but there are still tons of positive reviews yet to be released. I also find it odd that of those 10 negative reviews 3 of them don't actually seem negative and they all have a score over 60%, is RT actually reading these things?

I don't think it's a stretch to think that RT is sitting on a ton of great reviews until the very last minute, or at least as long as they can. It's almost like they're deliberately waiting for a negative review to come in until they put up another positive one, perhaps to keep that score down as long as possible? I don't think it's a coincidence that of the first 8 reviews posted 6 of them were negative. Where have we gone since then? Positive has gone up by 12 and negative only by 4. Huh? maybe I'm just a conspiracy theorist but that does seem a little odd.

It is the day before the movie opens and there is no consensus on RT yet... TOTAL BS


Full Article here

A thread from superhero hype here

They are deliberately keeping the score low to damage the 1st weekend of Cap.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

It's the 4th and Cap coming soon!

Have fun and be safe!