Saturday, June 30, 2007

My New Comics

This week's best cover is The Black Coat: "...or give me death." #1, Ape Entertainment. Sorry for the low-res image.

She-Hulk #19, Marvel Comics.

The Walking Dead #38, Image.

The Black Coat: “…or give me death.” #1, Ape Entertainment. Unfortunately I missed the 1st miniseries “A call to Arms” but The Black Coat looks like it’s my kinda story. It’s set in 18th century New York on the eve of the American Revolution. Steampunk, gothic horror, spy thrillers and historical narrative collide into one gooey adventure series.

Battlestar Galactica #11 (based on the new show), Dynamite Entertainment.

Red Sonja #23, Dynamite Entertainment.

Ninja Scroll #10, DC Comics.

Back issue: Fall of Cthulhu #1, Boom Studios. (My shop found me a copy and a good thing they did as they skipped me the first time.

I also started picking up Previews. I got tired of missing gems from smaller comic companies.



Pandabonium said...

Black Coat sounds really good.

It brings to mind the old Disney series about Nathan Hale. Of course the American Revolution is about all they would have in common, but to have a comic set in that time and place is a cool concept.

Swinebread said...

Actually, Nathan Hale is a supporting character in the comic, along with Benjamin Tallmadge.

The feel of the comic is very 1930s-40s serial style. It’s incorporates horror-fantasy elements in the vain of Mary Shelly and Jules Verne. So, the supernatural and super science (of a sort) appear but it’s interwoven with the very realistic framework of the colonies which are about to explode…

Joel Bryan said...

"Black Coat" sounds pretty snazzy.

ladybug said...

Have you heard of some Indian-themed comics by Sharad Devrajan & Gotham Chopra (yea, he's the son of Deepak..)?

Ironicaly, I read about them in "Parabola" magazine a discussion about Western Philosophy/Judeao-Xian themed comics like "Preacher", "Sandman". "Constantine" & "Hellboy".

These comics follow a Hindu themed philosophy & framework (w/a careful disclaimer to ward off the fundie Muslim/Hindu attacks suffered by Harry Potter & Salmon Rushdie)

The comis are:

Ramayan - "a futuristic re-imagining of the Indian Myth of the same name" (Parabola, Vol. 32, No. 2, Summer 2007, pg. 92)

The Sadu - "the story of a Raj-era British soldier who discovers he's the reincarnation of a Hindu mystic (ditto above)

Devi-"the adventures of a modern young woman/warrior goddess set in an alternate Sitapur" (ditto above)

Might be worth checking out...

Don Snabulus said...

[tongue in cheek]Oh great. Now even our superhero jobs are being outsourced to India.[/tongue in cheek]

Swinebread said...

In the previews I just picked up it has some ads for the Hindu themed comics you're talking about. They are by virgin comics. I'll let you look at it.

When told some of my workmates that Deepak Chopra had some comics they about died.