Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Is A Group Of Zombies Called A "Herd" Or A "Pack?"

This is going to sound really sexist but I get worried when Zoe Saldana states that she's going to fight to have Uhura wear pants. Apparently she just doesn't get the character. This is akin to Zachary Quinto arguing that Spock shouldn't have pointy ears or Shatner playing Kirk without a hair piece. It's just wrong.


This io9 article on the preponderance of zombies in comics really rubbed me the wrong way. For one thing it opens with this tripe:

First, DC Comics unleashed a legion of undead characters in its Blackest Night event. Now, Marvel has announced Necrosha, an upcoming X-Men storyline that will bring back lots of dead mutants. When did zombie superheroes become the hot new thing?

Serious fans of comics of which I don't include myself will immediately see the problem with that opening statement. Put that aside there's much more history to zombies and comics, especially surrounding the comics code, that the author appears oblivious to. Don't write about something you don't know.


Put me in the David Tennant for Bilbo crowd.


Here's an interview from Comic con with the great Hayao Miyasaki. My favorite bits- Miyasaki doesn't watch movies or television and still won't commit to retirement. He's going to make movies until he drops.


I just finished all the League of Extrodinary Gentlemen GNs including 1910. Wonderful, dense work as usual from Moore. The only criticism I might level is that the books suffer (especially 1910) from a preponderence of too many characters who often have nothing to actually DO. It's really a minor quibble with some fine work.


Me and the fam are plodding through season 5 of Buffy. That's the season where Buffy's sister Dawn is introduced. The first three episodes at least have incredibly clever/ funny dialog that's still light years ahead of most stuff on television. Great show.

-----Dean Wormer


Arkonbey said...

The correct term is a "lurch of zombies"

wiec? said...

i would think herd would be good for slow shambling zombies and pack would work best for the fast running remake of Dawn of the Dead/ 28 Days Later type zombies.

what i liked about the League books was that some of those minor characters who didn't do much are usually characters from other Victorian novels. there's a companion book that i bought from a used book store who tells you who everyone is panel by panel. Moore may have been showing off with all the cameo's but i understand the quibble.

Swinebread said...

Marvel and DC are out of Ideas that why they are grabbing the zombie thing so hard.

and that's why Marvel now wanted Marvel Man so bad.

Your now ahead of me on LoEG

Randal Graves said...

As a certified male pig, I don't want Zoe Saldana wearing pants.

Arkonbey wins.

Stephen said...

zombie's travel in hordes i thought this was common zombie knowledge get it str8 check ur zombie survival guide. more than 3 zombies is a zombie HORDE or HORDE of the undead

Arkonbey said...

@Stephen: A horde is an organized grouping, such as Ghegis Kahn would travel with, zombies are more like a sulk of teenagers or a screech of little girls.

Stephen said...

as a writer of zombie films and zombie fan i stick to y statement. look at romero's work expecially land of the dead that's definitely a horde

Swinebread said...

Wiec-Yeah I've go the first book of the first series. The annotated Guide to the LoEG something or other

Stephen - Awesome!

Victor - thanks for dropping by!

Dr. Zaius said...

It depends. A group of zombies is either called a "Teabag Tax Protester" or a "Town Hall Enthusiast".