Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Last Tango in Paris

Last Tango in Paris is one of those shocking must see films that until recently I hadn’t gotten around to viewing. Well, I just watched it today… …although it was only the R rather than the NC-17 version. Is it the great film everyone says it is? Hell, don’t know, I’m just a simple guy and not attuned to the subtle aspects of art but I do see how it could have been both scandalous and a breakthrough for 1972 especially since it stars Marlon Brando. Regardless of what you might think of the film and its infamous butter scene, it has some of the best lines of any script I’ve ever come across.

Paul “If you look close, you’ll find me hiding behind my zipper”

Paul “Even if a husband lives 200 hundred fucking years, he'll never discover his wife's true nature. I may be able to understand the secrets of the universe, but... I'll never understand the truth about you. Never.”

Jeanne “What are we doing here?”
Paul “Let's just say we're taking a flying fuck at a rolling donut.”

Paul “Anyway, to make a long, dull story even duller, I come from a time when a guy like me used to come into a joint like this and pick up a young chick like you and... call her a 'bimbo'.”

Paul “I could dance forever! Oh, my hemorrhoid.”

Jeanne: “Let's drink a toast to our life in the hotel.”
Paul: “No fuck all that! Hey listen! Let's drink a toast to our life in the country.”
Jeanne “You're a nature lover? You didn't tell me that.”
Paul: “Oh, for chrissa-, I'm nature boy. Can't you see me with the cows and the chickenshit all over me? Huh?”
Jeanne “Oh, that's right. To the cows!”
Paul: “Cow.”
Jeanne “I will be your cow too.”
Paul “I get to milk you twice a day. How about that?”

Great stuff huh?

I think this scene kinda sums the whole film up for me (and for the love of god, it's definitely not work safe):

Remember ladies if a guy asks you to cut only two of your fingernails you know what he wants.



ladybug said...

Hmmm, I remember watching this years ago on cable.

I didn't get it, I think I missed the beginning too and came in somewhere in the middle.

Perhaps it's just a naked "My Dinner with Andre" type of thing....

Pandabonium said...

Never saw it. Probably never will. Thanks for the review and clip.

Dean Wormer said...

I'll be in my bunk.

Arkonbey said...

wow. The ending statement. It says: "watch the clip to find out what Swinebread is talking about". It also says: "you probably don't want to know what he's talking about."

Overdroid said...

Seems pretty normal to me. But I live in L.A.

Swinebread said...

LB - no this is not like Dinner with Andre... this more like my rape party Andre

panda - it's not for everybody that for sure

arkonbey - you got it!

OD - Well that's very true!