Sunday, September 9, 2007

Random Stuff From Previews

I just thought I'd list a few things from September’s Previews that ticked me for some reason or another. Items to arrive in November.

Nurse Ogawa! Now your Star Trek: The Next Generation action figure set will be complete. Oh, and I guess they’re releasing an action figure for some character called Ensign Ro too. Page 444.

The Complete Terry and the Pirates Volume 2. This is one book series I really wish I could pick up but at 50 bucks a pop... I always wanted to read this classic strip due to the great art by Milton Caniff. Lots of strong Female characters, including the Dragon Lady. Page 314.

The Smurfs are coming to DVD! Season one is only $44.98. That’s 26 Smurftasitc episodes for chump change. Page 537.

Doctor Who’s Tardis, how cool is that? Pretty cool. If you’ve got the action figures you have to get the Tardis right? Page 488.

The Cthulhu Rainy-Day Activity Book. Mazes, drawing, coloring and Mad Libs (to name a few items) that will occupy your time and drive you totally crazy. Page 518.

It’s also worth noting that Chaosium is releasing their D100 RPG rulebook. Finally, a generic set of rules for any type of play using the Basic Roleplaying System. I’m looking foreword to this one. Page 518.



Arkonbey said...

I think the new release of an action figure of a TNG minor character like that shows (perhaps a bit disturbingly) that they are not made for kids to play with. Or, perhaps I'm out of it and kids actually still watch TNG reruns.

The funniest thing about the Smurfs is not that there was only one female, but that Gargamel's cat was named after the angel of death.

The Moody Minstrel said...

When I looked at the "Terry and the Pirates" pic I thought that blue-suited character on the right-hand side looked an awful lot like a 19th-century cartoon character called "The Yellow Kid".

Then I looked at the Wikipedia article, which said this:

In the 1940s, Terry and the Pirates, a comic strip written and drawn by Milton Caniff, featured a character named Big Stoop whose visual appearance was a parody of the Yellow Kid.

Interesting how it all fits together, innit?

Don Snabulus said...

Interesting how it all fits together, innit?


(Man, it is fun to give MM cr*p)

Swinebread said...

arkonbey - yup, for collectors all the way.

moody - everything goes back to the thing before... just like music. :)

snab - well I guess

The Moody Minstrel said...

(Man, it is fun to give MM cr*p)


Don't be givin' Maximilian ideas!
(Suddenly I find myself turning into a more personal kind of conspiracy theorist...)

Don Snabulus said...

FYI to Swinebread....

The actress who played Ensign Ro also played the actress who wanted to unseat the civilian government in Battlestar Galactica (TNS).