Friday, April 3, 2009

My New Comics

This week’s best cover is The Freedom Collective #1.

Things are getting desperate at my local comic book store. They gave all their box customers a free copy of Previews in hopes folks would order more.

Good luck with that.

I think folks have finally realized they don’t need a bust of Antman or A-Team action figures.

Comics and collectables are overpriced. Sad but true for our friends in the industry.

The Astounding Wolf-Man #14, Image. I dropped this title but it’s just too good.

The Freedom Collective #1, Rough Cut Comics. The Marvel Age… commie style!

Jonah Hex #42, DC Comics.

Trade Paperbacks:
Chronicles of Conan #17, Dark Horse Comics.



Arkonbey said...

I have an Astounding Wolfman TPB en-route from as I type this! Sweetness.

Randal Graves said...

Everyone needs A-Team collectibles, foo!

Is Sgt. Stalin a character in that commie comic?

Dean Wormer said...

Isn't Superman doing a commie style as well? Who thought of that first?

Steve said...

i thought we all needed and ant man bust.
i mean it would not take up much space or anything

Don Snabulus said...

I miss commies. I miss being called a commie. I miss calling others commies.

commie. commie. commie. sigh.