Friday, August 17, 2007

My News Comics

This week’s best cover is Shadowpact #16.

20 million Miles More #2 Bluewater.

Shadowpact #16, DC Comics.

My shop’s weekly order got screwed up, so I think that there are a few books I’m missing. I’ll amend this post if I have to.



Dean Wormer said...

I just picked up Star Trek Year 4.

Didn't enjoy it much. The characterization that makes up classic Trek isn't there. No arguments between McCoy/ Spock etc. Flat, one-dimensional characters.

I'll give it another chance but they better get that fixed. Also makes me worry about the new movie...

Also- don't forget to pick-up Black Panther for more Marvel Zombie brain eating goodness.

Arkonbey said...

it's the best cover because there's a chimpanzee.

Swinebread said...

The 1st issue of year 4 simply put, was bad. You’re right. In issue 23 of Backissue magazine there is a writers roundtable on Star Trek. They discuss the ins and outs of writing Star Trek Comics from Gold Key almost all the way up to the present. One of the writers mentions that the “new Star Trek” comics are nothing but talking heads and that’s the kiss of death. He must have been talking about IDW’s Next Generation Comics (which I skipped) as these types interviews are done way in advance of publication. Now I liked “Kingons: Blood Will Tell” but “Year 4” has got some major problems. IDW needs to fix it quick. It’s sad too because I’ve never really been in to Star Trek Comics, beyond picking up a few issues here and there, but now I was really in the mood for ‘em.

I wouldn’t worry about the film based on this comic, they’re totally separate stuff.

Arkonbey – Of Course! Screw the gorillas!

Dean Wormer said...

Yeah, I guess. As you know I have some old gold key trek and have been reading trek comics on and off for years.

The Klingons ones you turned me onto are great because A) they use the classic trek episodes as backdrop and B) Klingons are perfect characters for comics as they're fairly one dimensional and agressive.

I reread the year 4 thing last night wondering if I was being unfair and think, if anything, I was being charitable. There are HUGE gaps in the story where it looks like they just cut stuff for brevity (the romance between kirk and the horny chick) or an explanation of why the mad doctor was keeping his wife alive. It was a muddled mess.

Black Panther on the other hand...