Friday, August 31, 2007


Who Wants To Be A Superhero… Week 6!

Being able to predict who is going home next is obviously not one of my skills. The Defuser is still here and Parthenon was sent packing, which I’m surprised about. To be completely honest this is the first time I’ve really disagreed with one of Stan’s decisions. Parthenon was not my favorite character by any stretch, but he’s always done pretty well. Some might give a knee jerk reaction and assume they had to kick the gay guy off, but I think it was really a case of keeping the only woman left on the show, that woman being Hygena. I really like Hygena, however her performance I felt was not as good as the others overall. You see, if we go with the criteria that Stan used last week to kick off Whip-Snap, that being the whole performance of the hero up to that point, then Parthenon should still be in the final three. Yeah, he blew it with the kids but so did Feedback in season one and he went on to win it. On side note, Parthenon was really positive during his interview with Feedback at He showed class and verve and I ended up liking him more as a person after the discussion.

What was good this week: Seeing the heroes interact with the kids in the classroom, and the heroes kenning a way out of the container trap even after a few mishaps.

What was not so good: Making the heroes look like fools in downtown LA.

I’m gonna pick the Defuser again because… well since Hyperstrike and Hygena were at the San Diego Comic Con promoting the show I get the feeling that they are the final two.

It’s interesting that next week is a 2-hour finale. Which means to me that the show is dragging and so SciFi wants to race to the end. Good Idea.

Promo for next week here.



Alan Scott said...

I agree with your comments, Swinebread. I would not have thought that Parthenon would be the next one out (get it? out! hehehehe). I had expected Hygena although she is one of my favorites. I thought the same thing that they kept Hygena in there so there would still be a female in the finale. Probably Hyper-strike will be the new Super-hero.

Don Snabulus said...

I look forward to Parthenon joining forces with Colosseum and Forum to defeat the evil duo of Louvre and Musee de Beaux Arts.

(BYW, shifting justifications for why people stay or leave is another thing about reality shows I dislike. If I wanted unfair, I would just film most Americans lives. If this didn't remind me so much of the Tick live action series, I'm not sure it would hold my interest. Thanks to you, I at least have caught a part of it the last couple of weeks. SciFi should pay you.)

Arkonbey said...

Thanks for the updates, Swinebread. I feel as though I really have cable!

Alan Scott said...

Considering that Hygena has been the most consistent (although not the most outstanding) of any of them, I can see why Stan kept her. It could very well be that Stan felt he needed to play the gay card with Parthenon, seeing that he didn't bond with the grade schoolers as well as he thought. That seems to be more important than figuring out how to get out of the shipping container. It's all about the mindset (oops! He's gone, too!)

ladybug said...

I dunno, I liked all of them ok, Diffuser the least, but Parthenon seemed the most arrogant and self-absorbed.

It's neck and neck for HyperStrike and Hygena for me, I like both of them equally well.

Saw most of the show last night, but in the middle of it had to pick up the Beaniac from a pool party...teenagers!

Swinebread said...

alan – hmmm maybe they were playing the gay card a little bit. The first time he’s up and he’s gone. I’m thinking it will be Hyperstrike too.

snab – So the Greek bldgs are good and the French bldgs are bad? ☺ By the way That’s great point the show is Tick-like. You’ve discovered the one of the reasons why I like the show and didn’t know it. One of the funniest parts of the show is when the heroes interact with regular people, a theme from the tick show that I liked.

Arkonbey – You should check out Alan’s blog, he gives very good rundowns on each episode. Plus, the episodes are at if you like watching youtube quality video.

LB – Man if you’d seen the earlier episodes, you would have to say that Mindset was most arrogant and self-absorbed. That guy was a total dick.