Sunday, November 4, 2007

Germaine Gregarious was gracious enough to have me over for her Halloween party. It was a real blast and the food was excellent. Dr. Zaius managed to snap a few shots of the festivities here. In one of the pics you can see me sucking down a chip while Becca is providing a full frontal. Now that’s a party that can make you hungry! But Wait, it gets better! BAC from Yikes! created an awesome video of the whole darn thing.

Whew! Here it is Sunday and I’m still recovering.


Note: The pic is from Dr. Zaius who is an accomplished Photoshop virtuoso. Just check out his site you’ll see what I’m talking about.


ladybug said...

Recovering, that's the word!

And I didn't even "party"...poop.

Sounds like it was alot of fun!

BAC said...

Hey, thanks for the link! It was a great party!!


Arkonbey said...

Man. I'm jealous. The only halloween party I got invited to was by one of Sweet Enemy's co-workers who's a nice enough kid, but the party was in her parent's house and she's like 25.

Zaius' collage of creepy food reminded me of the best cake ever

Dr. Zaius said...

Thank you for the link, my good man. Might I trouble you for some of those fine potato chips?

Swinebread said...

LB - It sure was!

bac - You're Welcome. Your video is great.

arkonbey - I guess I won't mention that this was my third party then... oops! :) That cake is f***ing scary man.

Dr. Z - Have all you want we'll make more!