Thursday, November 1, 2007

My New Comics

This week’s best cover is Army of Darkness: From the Ashes #3.

Jack of Fables #16, DC Comics. I liked the Jack O’ Lantern on the cover so I picked up this Halloween story in the sprit of the season.

Sword of Red Sonja: Doom of the Gods #2, Dynamite Entertainment.

Army of Darkness: From the Ashes #3, Dynamite Entertainment.

Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus #1, Dynamite Entertainment.

Men of Mystery: Spotlight Special The Nedor Heroes #1, AC Comics. Reprints a sampling of the Golden Age superheroes from Nedor comics including the Black Terror. They were popular comic books in their day but eventually Nedor went out of business and their characters became public domain. This black and white reprint would be of interest to folks picking up Dynamite Entertainment’s new take on the Nedor characters, Superpowers. That’s why I bought it, I had to special order it through previews though.

Trade Paperbacks:
Conan and the Midnight God Dark Horse.

El Cazador Disney. One of the best pirate comics ever! From the inside cover: “El Cazador the widely popular and critically acclaimed comic book series, sailed for a mere six issues from October to 2003 to June 2004, a casualty of the shuttering CrossGen comics. For the first time ever, all six stunning, high-octane issues are bound together to tell the story of Lady Sin and quest for vengeance.”

The Last page does says "to be continued." Could Disney actually be thinking of reviving El Cazador?

Alter Ego #73 TwoMorrows publishing. Came out last week. Interesting articles on the old Crime Does Not Pay comic from the golden age.



Dean Wormer said...

Is that the AOD that's post apocolyptic?

Swinebread said...

Yes, the regular AOD comic ended with Ash “dying” but in reality he was shifted to the Marvel Zombies universe and thus the Marvel zombies vs. the AOD mini. Meanwhile back in Ash home dimension Evil Ash had taken over his “old body” and then the world turning most people into deadites or mutants (if he couldn’t turn them). Thus this new AOD series.

Best line from this issue? “Save the Whore, Save the World”

Funny stuff. Very satisfied with this issue and series.

Dean Wormer said...


Was the last issue the one where Ash turned the "classic" into a deathcar ala Car Wars?

I love that they have that car in the comic since it has such a long film history with Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi.

Overdroid said...

I wonder if Bruce Campbell gets any money for these comics. I'm sure he doesn't, but arguably he created the character of Ash as much as anyone.

Swinebread said...

dean - I think so. I'm having trouble locating #2 in my huge pile of comics, but that's what I remember.

The car is important gotta have it.

OD - bruce gets nothing