Thursday, July 3, 2008

My New Comics

This week’s best cover is The Voyages of She Buccaneer #1.

Tor #3, DC Comics.

The War That Time Forgot #3, DC Comics.

The Walking Dead #50, Image.

The Astounding Wolfman #7, Avatar.

Storming Paradise #5, DC Comics/Wildstorm.

The Dark Tower: The Long Road Home #5, Marvel Comics.

The Voyages of She Buccaneer #1, Great Big Comics.

Doctor Who Classics #8, IDW.

Army of Darkness #10, Dynamite Entertainment.

Savage Tales #8, Dynamite Entertainment.

Night of the Living Dead #1, Avatar.

Star Trek Mirror Images #1, IDW.

Jonah Hex #33, DC Comics.

Northlanders #7, DC Comics/Vertigo.



Doctor Smoke said...

yay, gratuitous boob-shot!

Dean Wormer said...


I picked up my comics last night and I just realized from reading your list that those fuckers at TFAW forgot my AOD.

I loved Mirror Images btw.

I also bought both issues of The Man With No Name.

The writing was good but you were right about him not looking like Eastwood. In fact it's pretty clear they want the main character specifically NOT to look anything like Eastwood. So he winds up looking like generic gunfighter guy.

They mention Tuco but nobody calls him Blondie. In fact he isn't blonde.

Something very odd going on there with the licensing.

No Star Trek Year 4?

pidomon said...

Jonah Hex (which I am not usually a fan of) ROCKED with the Darwyne Cooke art
(yes spelling I knows lol)

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Hubba hubba on She Buccaneer!

Swinebread said...

Doc S – gratuitous but very necessary

Dean – You got screwed again man, I’m at the west side TFAW and they at least try to work with me. Find out who is sorting they’re stuff and complain. I Had problems with the Milwaukie store, because of a certain guy. The only reason he had a job IMO was because his brother owns the company. Maybe he’s at your TFAW now.

Maybe Dynamite couldn’t afford the rights to Clint Eastwood’s image, which is separate from the rights to the character.

I wasn’t signed up for ST year four. I was just getting it off the shelf but diamond shorted my store so there were not extra copies. I didn’t get the next tissue of ST: Assignment Earth either. ☺

Pido – I was very please with this issue myself. The writing has always been good. I do wonder if Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray write their stories to fit the artist’s styles or not…

Doc monkey – that’s what I said when saw the cover in previews… Go figure, I like chick pirates…