Thursday, July 17, 2008

My New Comics

This week’s best cover is Omega The Unknown #10.

Squadron Supreme #1, Marvel Comics.

Conan The Cimmerian #1, Dark Horse Comics.

Brothers in Arms #2, Dynamite Entertainment.

Star Trek: Assignment Earth #3, IDW. (late)

Zorro #5, Dynamite Entertainment.

Omega The Unknown Marvel Comics.

1985 #3, Marvel Comics.

War is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle #5, Marvel Comics.

Trade Paperbacks:
I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets Fantagraphics. The weird world of Fletcher Hanks.

Back Issue # 29, TwoMorrows Publishing. An in-depth look at the X-men and other Marvel mutants.



Don Snabulus said...

I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets

I wasn't aware there were any. ;)

I am excited for the papa-to-be. You go, boy!

Arkonbey said...

So. Have you reconciled your comics addiction with the future budgeting?

You may have to cut corners when you're a dad.You've got to know your priorities.

Yup. Bounty and duct tape instead of Pampers; flour sack onesie; whatever it takes to ensure a steady flow of comics.

(I just got my first shipment from yesterday. Friendly and fast and really good condition; plus 20% off and free shipping. If you didn't have so many good stores, I'd recommend them)

Dean Wormer said...

Nice list.

I've been looking for Kolchak. Apparently missed the 1st couple of issues.

Dean Wormer said...

Watchmen trailer!

Arkonbey said...


I'm not so sure now...

Swinebread said...

Snab – I’ll show the book, carzy stuff and thanks!

Arkonbey – Somewhat, I’ve cut down on my orders quite a bit especially when it comes to trades. There’s a ton of stuff that was late so, I’m a little screwed.

That bounty and duct tape is great idea; wait till I tell the missus!

Dean – Kolchak is published by Moonstone, most stores don’t carry their stuff so you’d have to order it.

I’m with arkonbey on the Watchmen trailer, looks not so good.

Arkonbey – I’m with you