Saturday, July 5, 2008

New X-men Cartoon Trailer

A new X-Men cartoon is on the way and Wolverine is absolutely the star. Looks good and Gambit is nowhere to be seen... Awesome!



pidomon said...

man they are good at priming the pump
let this run for a while and the wolverine movie comes out =PROFIT :)

Sleestak said...

Starring...WOLVERINE! And WOLVERINE's pals who help WOLVERINE even though WOLVERINE doesn't really need it!

Doctor Smoke said...

one big fat 'meh'

seriously, can't they ever do a series which starts with the original x-men? Cyclops, Marvel-girl, The Beast, Angel and Iceman?
With no wolverine? Or shadowcat?

bah humbug.

@sleestak: exunktly. WOLVERINE!

Batocchio said...

Has Gambit been poorly handled in other cartoons, or do you just not like the character? I thought he was interesting when they first introduced him (in the comics) and he was more a fringe character. But central billing should go elsewhere, case in point.

Arkonbey said...

A lack of Gambit is a good thing, but I must agree with Sleestack: It's the Wolverine show with special guest stars: The X-Men.

Who's the chick in white, btw? The White Queen?

Stephen said...

i hear theres a whole episode dedicated to gambit

Stephen said...

i hear theres a whole episode dedicated to gambit

Don Snabulus said...

Hugh Jackman is a tough act to follow.

Swinebread said...

Pidomom – That’s the first thing that crossed my mind. After this movie, Wolverine will be the X-men.

Slee – Your excitement make me think he need a variety show too.

Doc smoke – I agree but they will never do that… sadly

Bat - I just hate gambit. I have a gambit post at some point to explain my feelings…

Arkonbey – yeah it’s the white queen, I havne’ folloed the x-men for years so I guess she’s good now.



Sanb – and yet people follow all him all the time nyuck nyuck!