Saturday, March 21, 2009

Battlestar Galactica Finale

Oh I get it. Kera came back from the Ship of Lights, the phantom Baltar and Six were Seraphs, and the Japanese are making Cylons. Domo arigato Captain Apollo! Nice nod to the original show. Too bad the Classic BSG haters will never get it. Heh heh Heh.

Hey maybe Daniel could Count Iblis. heh heh heh

Oh and Overdroid.. you're barely a Cylon at all so suck it!



Steve said...

i was pretty satisfied with the ending

rob! said...

I liked it--if they really wanted to keep with the tone of the show, when they jumped, it'd be into the heart of a meteor and they all die, one last Frak You to the crew of the Galactica by the Universe.

But who would want to see that, after all these characters have been through? I thought they wrapped it up nicely. I'll miss the show.

So..was Starbuck an angel?

Arkonbey said...

Yay! New BSG is over. Now I can watch the pilot over and over again and try not to think of how bad it got.

The Moody Minstrel said...

So they included the Ship of Lights in the new BSG, eh? A lot of people I knew thought the Classic BSG really jumped the shark with that.

Still have yet to see any of the new BSG...

Dr. Zaius said...

I'll be happy when this whole neo-Mormon TV-show meme is over and we can finally get back to the important things in life, like ST: Enterprise. **sigh**

Dean Wormer said...

I've been avoiding the internet until I got to watch the finale, which I just finished.

I can't tell if you're serious or not Swiney but there were a lot of nods to the old show that tickled me to no end in the finale.

Besides all the old school centaurians (which were tougher than the new ones) they played the original theme as the RTF flew into the sun.

Many, many plot holes filled. I checked almost everything off my mental list of questions.

The first two thirds of that finale were pure badassery. I realize people have a hard time with what came afterwards on earth, but like I keep saying- they earned that.

Overdroid seems pissed about the giving up technology thing. That was sort of the point. Baltar ends civilization, then saves civilization then effectively puts everything back on course to end by introducing agriculture.

Loved Roslin saying goodbye to Cavil, Starbuck finding earth, etc.

On Smash said...

I thought I was the only one hoping that Count Iblis was involved in this. In fact I would have made Iblis the Cylon god, remember Original Baltar noticed that Iblis & the Cylon emperor had the same voice
(Patrick Macnee).

I miss Muffit

Overdroid said...

Smash - there is a line at the end where the two angels are talking and they mention God, and the Baltar angel says something like "You know IT doesn't like being called that."

Swine - Whatever. I always thought of myself more as a Terminator than a Cylon anyway. Even though I didn't like the second half of the show, the first half blows the entirety of Jericho out of the water. :P

Dean - Yep the second half SUUUUUUUUUCKED. I couldn't get over the fact that 38,000 people had all this technology and they just threw it away. Goodbye pennicilin, computers, and electricity.

End of line.

Swinebread said...

Steve – me too

Rob! – not really, I think she was more like an ascended being.

Arky – I think there is truth in what you say.

Moody – not exactly it’s very subtle and you can make up your mind it more evolved beings or god or whatever… You’d barely recognize the new BSG, check it out when you can

Dr Zaius – Well we’ll always have the PotA TV show… all 14 episodes.

Dean – I love that Baltar went back to farming! And Doc was the best charcter in the whole dam show! Still very sad about Sam though

On Smash – I would have liked a count Iblis type character too. The Moment between count Iblis and Baltar in the classic BSG is one of my favorite moments of the original.

OD – That’s a good point God is Count Iblis heh heh

Hmmmm… that’s funny because I always thought of you as Robbie the Robot types. I’d love to see BSG blowing Jericho!

Goodbye diapers,