Monday, June 15, 2009

Wilma, Rogers, and Bears OH MY!

Dynamite Entertainment has built up quite a successful reputation reviving dormant franchises and characters so it came as no surprise that they secured the rights to publish a new take on Buck Rogers. DE's Buck comic looked interesting from the press releases but I have been cutting down on the new titles (that's part of the reason you haven't seen a "My New Comics" in awhile) and so I wasn't so sure I really want to pick up a another monthly. But after stopping by the comics shop this last weekend and flipping though Buck Rogers #1, I came across this Panel:

Needless to say, they had me at this image of a ferocious cyborg Bear. A flashback to Gamma World maybe? Anyhoo, I enjoyed reading this comic so if the next issue is as fun as this one, I'll add Buck Rogers to my box. Seeing as how I've totally bailed on marvel this won't hit my pocket too hard.



Dean Wormer said...

That's looks pretty good.

I dropped my box for the time being. With the wife out of work it's not realistic.

I'm getting my fix through trades from library.

Arkonbey said...

Hmmmm. Look forward to a full review :)

Dynamite will always be suspect with me due to the Lone Ranger turning southwards awfully quickly.

Don Snabulus said...

The bear looks like he is uttering an Ah-nuld one liner.

"Ah think you look pretty in pink."

Then he blasts them with the Pepto rifle.

Sleestak said...


Swinebread said...

Dean - I've cut way back but... I'm still in it. Buck is the only ne title i've added.

arkey - it's true that LR basically just became boring... I give DE kudos for trying... not everything has been a success but at least they're interesting.

snab - Hah! classic... in a neoclassic cyber kinda way!

sleestak - You bethcha!