Thursday, February 22, 2007

Transformers... share the love

I found this transformers pic on the web. "Transformers... hot robot action in disguise." Hardy har har… Now I know why these toys were so popular. What's the jeep guy's name... hard charger?

Anyway, for all you Transformers fans the live action movie will be released on July 4th. Looks like it’s gonna be horror/action, at least that’s what the preview shows and we know how accurate previews can be. Although I don’t have much invested in the Transformers film, I hope it will be good. It seems like most live action film adaptations of cartoons are terrible. Animation fans have been screwed before. (Ha ha get it?)


Dean Wormer said...

Bah. I'm boycotting the film since they didn't use either my or Overdroid's line suggestion for Optimus in their contest.

"Looks like someone needs a lube job" would've worked great. Bastards.

Hypatia said...

I dunno, I sure didn't like them previews.

It seemed like an "evil alien invasion from Mars" whipped up w/alot of over the top GCI action.

Overdroid said...

More than meets the eye.
Are you going to see Ghost Rider?

Swinebread said...

dean Yeah f-'em.

hy Yes, I remember the autobots from the comics and cartoons as quite friendly.

overdroid Maybe, the reviews haven't been too good. But what the hell it couldn’t be as boring as the Hulk right?