Sunday, April 22, 2007

My New Comics

I’ve decided to add my weekly comic book pull list to the Atomic Romance blog. It might be interesting, or it might not. We’ll see. Often, I like to pick something up on a whim that I didn’t order (We all do this, right?). So, I’ll mention this if it seems relevant or important for some reason. Please note that I can’t be the timeliest with this as I'm usually unable to pick up my comics until the weekend. What's gonna be fun though, is that my favorite cover of the week will grace each post of "My New Comics." This week's favorite is Shadowpact #12. Are my choices quirky? I wonder… …heck readin’ comics is quirky, so here is my first comic pull list:

Battlestar Galactica #8 (based on the new show), Dynamite Entertainment.

Conan #39, Dark Horse Comics
Red Sonja #21, Dynamite Entertainment.

Red Sonja/Claw: The Devil’s Hands Trade paperback, Dynamite Entertainment & Wildstorm. (back order)

Shadowpact #12. DC Comics.

Squadron Supreme: Hyperion Vs. Nighthawk #4, Marvel Comics.



Selba said...

Conan as the japanese comic book called manga?

I love Conan the detective!!! :)

Dean Wormer said...


What do you think of ordering comics by mail vs. having them set aside at a comic store?

I know they probably won't be in as good of condition but if you're just a reader and not a collector it seems like a good way to go.

Swinebread said...

Actually no, it’s Conan the Barbarian. He’s a warrior character created by the writer Robert E, Howard and then adapted into comics. It’s real guy stuff. The current series is by Dark Horse Comics. He’s somewhat of a fictional icon in America.

I do have some Conan the Detective. His comics aren’t called Conan the Detective in the US though. The title is Case closed. This most likely because Conan the Barbarian is such a famous character here that the publishers don’t want to confuse the names. Plus there might be a copyright issue as well. He’ s a favorite of my SO, also my niece enjoys him too. Conan the Boy detective is just starting to become known in the US.

Swinebread said...

dean I think it’s a great idea especially considering your living and working situation. Going to a comic shop is not a big deal for me but it is rather a long haul for you. Plus, it is just one more thing you need to get done along with everything else. If they come to your house, how easy is that?! You really have to forecast what you want though. Getting a copy of previews might be a good thing to order along with the comics. There are plenty of folks that mail-order comics and they are perfectly happy with it. I can’t recommend a specific service though because I just don’t know. Maybe previews has a mail-order subscription. For me, if mail-order was the difference between reading comics and not reading comics I do it for sure.

Rich said...

Conan and Red Sonja are probably my only non-spandex constants...although I didn't think much of the Red Sonja/Claw mini personally. I aim to pick up BG in trade and I get the Squadron Supreme stuff in trade too. Shadowpact I never picked up - Day of Vengeance didn't impress me too much.

As for mail v local store, I'm lucky now that in that I live in New York. When I was in the UK, I spent a year or so getting mail order stuff from - great service and good discounts. The condition was usually pretty good and he often threw in variants. Give him a try!

Dean Wormer said...

Thanks guys.

I'll try finbarcomics out.


Swinebread said...

rich I’m kinda burned out on superheroes. I’ve dropped almost everything. I was a big Marvel fan for many years but I’ve been really unhappy with their storylines. I still pick up collections of older stuff though. Maybe they’ve just gotten to dark for my tastes. I love the comics format a lot, but I want to read other stuff. I’m really getting into Sword & Sorcery, westerns, thrillers, sci-fi and horror of late. Most of my money these days is going to Dynamite Entertainment, Dark Horse and Boom Studios.

As for Claw I know most folks didn’t like him (his series was cancelled after all) but I found him intriguing, kinda a cross of Conan and Elric, except the demon sword is a demon hand. Shadowpact I like quite a bit, maybe it’s the combo of lesser-known characters and the supernatural adventures.

Pandabonium said...

The Claw? Sorry, can't help but think of "Get Smart" (I know you are too young to remember that).

Maxwell Smart: Who are you?
The Claw (in thick Hollywood-Asian accent): The Craw!
Smart: The… Craw?
The Claw: No! Not The "Craw," (holds up claw) The CRAW!
Smart: Oh, The Craw.

Anyway, I have a stupid question - coming from me it can hardly be any other kind...

What do they advertise in comics these days? My parents frowned upon them when I was a kid, so the only time I got to read them was at the barber shop. Back then (when dinosaurs still roamed the earth) the advertisements were for magazine sales contests and such - you could win this bike! (accompanied by a picture of a dorky kid ala Pee Wee Herman and Bikey). Or the muscle man kicking sand in the wimp's face at the beach advertising what was it? Vic Tanny's gym or something. Really.

Has that changed? I'm sure it must have. Anyway, I'm curious. Inquiring minds want to know.

Swinebread said...

panda Actually that’s a good question, ‘cause the ads reflect the times. Outside of the big two Marvel and DC comics don’t have a lot of ads, mostly it’s for their own comics. But looking at the stuff I just bought:

shadowpact: back cover- got milk?, inside- anti-drugs, collectable card game, a lot of DC own products.

Conan: Backcover- collectable figure game, inside- roleplaying games, playstation video game, Dark horse’s own comics.

Squadron Supreme: Hyprion vs. NightHawk: Backcover- computer software, inside- Spiderman 3, Spiderman 2.1 DVD, Old Spice Redzone, video games, Anti-drug, LA film festival, Marvel’s own comics,

Both Red Sonja & the New Battlestar Galatica have no ads except for Dynamite Entertainment’s own comics.

Comics don’t have mail-order stuff anymore, the ads are very slick and often about other forms of media like Movies, TV, gamming, and Video games.

The Sea Monkeys and X-ray glasses are gone.