Saturday, May 5, 2007

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Free Comic Book Day, and Spidey movie opening! Whew, it's gonna be a busy weekend!


ladybug said...

Yea, what's up w/premiering it everywhere but in the good ol' USA?

Did you do the Toby McGuire mockup? It's pretty darn funny.

There'll be alotta drunk people driving today....stay safe folks!

Selba said...

That's the spiderman??? He speaks spanish? Hahaha...

Happy Cinco de Mayo! :)

Overdroid said...

Thwip. The sound of my expectations for this movie being shot out of a web slinger.

I did not like it. Senor.

Dean Wormer said...

Nice graphic!

I thought it was good but was a bit Lucasian in the coincidence department.

Plus the amnesia story was just too much.