Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jericho on the Edge

Jericho 1 season ended with a big cliffhanger and an apparent new direction. While I was never an über enthusiastic fan of the show, I enjoyed it well enough to see it through, probably because I like post apocalyptic sci-fi so much. Jericho became grittier as I was hoping it would. The dire situation of the town eclipsed the soap opera aspects or at least cast them in the light of survival. Food is scarce, folks die and the rival town of New Bern begins its invasion to seize farmland. Plus, over the 2nd half of season 1, much of the plot behind the terrorist bombers is revealed. Thank goodness for that.

Part of the appeal of the show is the sense that Midwest values are being put to the test. Norman Rockwell’s America is bloodied and sullied. Can it survive? That’s a question for the both the townsfolk of Jericho and for the folks at CBS as the show hovers between cancellation and renewal. Strangely, I’ve read that it’s sure to get a 2nd season and that it’s gone for good, so I have no idea. Some fans seem pretty angry at the death of Gerald McRaney’s character. Maybe that’s a sign that the writers decided to go for broke in the finale but it may prove to be a mistake. If Jericho does get a second season cloak and dagger themes will apparently permeate the show as the bad guys have zeroed in on Hawkins (the guy hiding a nuclear bomb) along with usual small town drama.

One of the most interesting elements of the finale was the flag displayed by “federal” troops. This bizarre vertical striped flag both confirms the rumors that the states are not united and that a new Civil War is occurring across the continent, which was most likely the terrorists intent. A quick look-see on wikipedia ties this flag to the mythical United States Civil Flag. Interesting… Hopefully we’ll get a 2nd season to see this and other storylines play out and maybe the introduction of Colonel Hoffman, the leader of these oddly bannered troops, might soften the blow of McRaney leaving the show. We’ll have to see…


Dean Wormer said...

I watched a couple of episodes. It was okay but could've used more Tina Turner and car chases.

Don Snabulus said...

You, Mr. Swiney always notice the salient points. Good catch on the flag.

Swinebread said...

dean Yes, it isn’t a Nuclear War scenario, it’s nuclear terrorism. And set a sleepy burg… so not mad max goin’ on.

snab well wikipeda help a lot

Anonymous said...

NOTHING will soften the blow of losing Gerald McRaney. He played Johnston Green flawlessly. I especially loved Johnston's humor.
I watched the show mainly for Gerald McRaney so I don't have any reason to watch any longer.
I do hope it is renewed for those who still love the show.
And to CBS...may I say....NUTS to you!!