Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Spiderman 3

Spiderman 3… while entertaining fails to hit the high marks set by the previous Spiderman films. It’s not terrible, like say the Hulk; it’s just simply a lesser movie despite all the bucks that went into making it. Comic fans familiar with Spidey’s long 4 color history might get upset at some the decisions made for this film, while non comic types will probably feel a little strained following the multiple villains and storylines. Basically, It’s a very crowded film. In fact it was almost split into two movies and it shows at times.

Here is what I liked in no particular order (spoilers):

The Acting, still solid despite any problems with the plot

Tobias Maguire is wonderful as Peter Parker… again.

The Harry Osborn storyline is resolved

Sandman is in the film.

Tomas Haden Church as the Sandman

Lots of highflying action.

Peter fights goblin in his street clothes

Really enjoyed the Daily Bugle scenes

Never got bored

That Bruce Campbell cameo rocked!

Peter’s Hilter hair

Here is what I disliked in no particular order (spoilers):

No Alex Ross in the opening credits like Spiderman 2

The black suit didn’t have any powers when Peter wore it like in the comics.

No cool mask for goblin

Captain Stacy doesn’t’ seem very concerned that his daughter is about to fall to her death.

Why is Gwen Stacy in this movie? Oh yeah, in case Kirsten Dunst doesn’t come back for Spiderman 4.

Harry Osborn realizing he needs to help his friends because of something the butler said rather than figuring it out on his own.

Sandman killed Uncle Ben! Wha…

Too much unmasking

Missed Opportunities (spoilers):

Not having John Jameson, J. Jonah Jameson’s astronaut son, bring back the alien symbiote from space. This seemed like a really obvious thing to me.

The black costume/venom thing was too much story and needed its own film.



Dean Wormer said...


I enjoyed the flick but felt the problems were all structural/ script based. That was the surprising thing to me because Raimi usually works that stuff out. I guess Raimi is half-checked out of the franchise already. He was certainly engaged when it came to the action scenes.

Too much coinky-dink - Symbiote lands right next to Peter/ Mary Jane. Eddie Brock Jr. showing up when Gwen was falling and the whole "I'm dating your daughter" bit. Brock again going into the church just as Peter was shedding the symbiote. The Sandman being the ACTUAL killer of Uncle Ben. Darth Vader building C3PO. Wait, skip that last one.

Tired plot devices - Harry gets amnesia? WTF? Is this a Spanish-language soap opera? They stuck that in there because they wanted to have a reason to have characters act outside of their norm and get Harry and Mary Jane together.

So much of the Peter/ Mary Jane/ Harry triangle consisted of having characters that were really close fail at basic communication. Peter doesn't tell Mary Jane that Harry wants to kill him and why. Mary Jane doesn't tell Peter she's fired. Bruce Campbell doesn't tell anyone he's not really French. Etc.

I still really enjoyed the movie but it had some pretty big holes this time around.

Dean Wormer said...

I just read a quote by George Lucas that made me feel bad bashing Spidey 3.

"Lucas told me he has seen all the summer movies since his company, Industrial Light and Magic, does most of the special effects. The only one they didn't work on was "Spider-Man 3." What did he think of it?

"It's silly. It's a silly movie," he said. "There just isn't much there. Once you take it all apart, there's not much story, is there?"

What the hell does Lucas know about story?

Don Snabulus said...

I don't think the creator of Jar-Jar Binks should ever be allowed to use the word silly again.

Overdroid said...

"There just isn't much there. Once you take it all apart, there's not much story, is there?"

SERIOUSLY. His artistic license to comment on lack of story is officially revoked. Probably by the ghost of Joseph Campbell himself.

Personally I thought the movie needed more scenes where people cried. Especially people made out of sand.

Lisa said...

I agree completely with the John Jameson thing as well as the Harry Osborn butler thing. As soon as I left the movie I commented on that one. Oh, and I would ad that there was too much singing and dancing. Overall the story and action kept the film going so it wasn't boring, but the movie itself wasn't great. Should have been two films, one for Sandman and one for Venom, no doubt about it. But I have had non comic book types tell me that it's their favorite of the films.

Swinebread said...

dean The whole coincidence thing got to me too. That is a big “no no” when it comes to storytelling. I should have mentioned that. It’s funny because the amnesia thing actually happened in the comics, but of course this and other plots played out over the course of several years. The movie was all about the compression of these stories.

snab Spiderman 3 may have been silly but Star Wars is utter crap… I’ll take Aunt May over JarJar any day.

OD Star Wars is a video game you can’t play…

Yes, more crying…

lisa They need to save the singing and dancing for the Broadway Musical that’s coming up.

It’s funny ‘cause in Japan they’re raving that this is the best one too. Also, my SO, who isn’t real familiar with Spiderman, liked that the plot was so complicated. She said it made it interesting for her.

Selba said...

I haven't seen the spiderman 3 yet because the long queue infront of the movie ticket's box. Some people said don't watch it some said it's a good movie to watch... Hmmm... I probably better wait for the DVD then :D

Swinebread said...

selba if you like Toby Maguire as Spiderman it is good enough for the theater.

Overdroid said...

Why couldn't they just shoot two films at the same time? That seems to be a trend now.

Dean Wormer said...

Why couldn't they just shoot two films at the same time? That seems to be a trend now.

Oddly enough that's what Raimi and his brother Ivan originally planned for this story but they couldn't find a good resolution for the end of the third act to bridge two films...

I think Mary Jane and Peter breaking up and everybody turning on Spiderman because of that fake story might've done it.

But I'm not a screenwriter, so what are you gonna do true believer?

dean The whole coincidence thing got to me too. That is a big “no no” when it comes to storytelling.

Which sort of leaves me torn. Did they do this for the comic fans by saying screw movie-goers who don't know the stories? If they did then more power to 'em. It's always been a tough tightrope between translating the stories to the screen and being true to the material. Raimi might've just fallen off this tiem.

Swinebread said...

Well maybe it's true to the elements of the stories but not the stories exactly. Some of the original comic stories played out over years and years. The compression into the small time frame of a film makes it all coincidence related. Lost of things were changed too and switched around. Completely ignoring that comics doesn’t yield good stories either, just look at the first Batman Films.

Dean Wormer said...

Yeah, that's a good point regarding Batman although I might not be the best judge since I enjoy Adam West so much. ;-)

I'm not saying they should ignore the comics, I just think it's that careful balance between being true the source material or changing it for cinematic reasons. This is the only film in the series where that balance seems a little "off."

I'm saying this as a film fan and someone who is not as familiar with the Venom storyline in the comics. People really familiar with the Spideyverse would'nt probably have as much of a problem with this stuff as they can already see the next plot point coming in their heads.

Swinebread said...

Actually the "Spidey" comic fans have been the more discontented of the two, but I understand your point.

Pandabonium said...

I have only one thing to say to Spiderman: