Thursday, October 11, 2007

My New Comics

This week’s best cover is Captain Carrot and the Final Ark #1. Of Course. Duh!

Black Summer #3, Avatar.

Star Trek: Alien Spot Light: The Gorn #1, IDW.

The Amazing Spider-girl #13, Marvel Comics. Looks like a I gotta’ read a Spider-Girl comic to get a decent Spider-man-like story.

Captain Carrot and the Final Ark #1, DC Comics. Wow, they sure packed a lot into this one issue: reintroducing all of the characters, explaining the anthropomorphic world of the zoo crew, lots of in-jokes about the comic industry, overcoming the grim and gritty Zoo Crew that appeared in Teen Titans vol.3, #30-31, and starting a coherent story with many plot points, not to mention using lots of puns. Yeah, there is lot of exposition, but its fun the way they do it. Plus, Scott Shaw is drawing it so that just multiplies the Captain Carrot goodness.

Deadlander #1, Dark Horse Comics. Looks to be a Western with a Zombie Gunfighter.

Suicide Squad #2, DC Comics.

The Un-Men #3, DC Comics.

Living with the Dead #1, Dark Horse Comics. Portland’s own finally offers their own zombie horror comic.

Spiderman/Red Sonja #3, Marvel Comics/Dynamite Entertainment.

Sword of Red Sonja: Doom of the Gods #1, Dynamite Entertainment.

Trade Paperback:
X-men: Days of Future Past Marvel Comics. Reprints X-men #138-143 and X-men Annual #4. This trade has been out for several years but I noticed it on a reorder for the store. I read the Days of Future Past storyline long ago. Heck, I went out and bought issues 141 and 142 as expensive back issues when I was a kid just so I could read ‘em, but the other stories contained in this collection… I never have. Although, I do own that X-men annual in German… This book nicely fills in the gaps at the end of the Dark Phoenix Saga and Kitty joining the team. Plus it’s, I believe, John Byrne’s last artwork on the X-men title. Ah, the good old days…



Pandabonium said...

Is is it just me, or is Captain Carrot sort of a bunch of mutant Looney Tunes characters?


How are you digging, Black Summer?

Dean Wormer said...

If you listed your NUDE comics you'd really get our attention. Especially Overdroid.

ladybug said...

OK, I HAVE to see more of that Red Sonja, Deadlaner, and the Cthlulu tales (although they keep me up at night, dangnabbit!)

Swinebread said...

panda – Well kinda yeah, the Zoo Crew are super powered funny animals which actually have quite a long history in the world of comics. Mighty Mouse is one of many.

johnny – I'm lovin’ it. I just picked it up just to check it out and it’s been great so far. I love the premise… I mean that’s what these guys would do if they really had powers and our government was so fucked up right. Plus, I love the art reminds me of Jeff Darrow.

dean – they have a nice selection at eros comics

LB – I think you’d like all the Red Sonja and Cthulhu comics I have…