Saturday, October 20, 2007

Portland Comic Book Show coming

I received an email about the up coming Portland Comic Book Show. Now I have some misgivings about the space as you can read about here, but I think I'm still going to check it out.

The next Portland Comic Book Show is on Sunday, November 11th at the Memorial Moliseum in the Exhibit Hall. The Memorial Coliseum is right next door to the Rose Garden Arena where the Portland Trailblazers play their home games. Directions to the Memorial Coliseum are available on our website

The Portland Comic Book Show will feature the creative talents of:

Brian Michael Bendis: Civil War, Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers, Powers

Howard Chaykin: Blade, Wolverine, Hawkgirl, Blackhawk, American Flagg

Clayton Crain: Sensational Spider-Man & Ghost Rider Artist
Steve Leialoha: Fables & Jack Frost Artist

Kurt Busiek: Astro City Creator, Conan,JLA/Avengers Writer

Randy Emberlin: Long-time Amazing Spider-Man Artist

Anne Timmons: Go Girl Artist

Brent Anderson: Rising Stars, Astro City Artist

Scott Allie: Dark Horse Writer/Editor

Brandon Jerwa: Battlestar Galactica & Highlander Writer

Jamie S. Rich: Love the Way You Love Writer

Trina Robbins: Comic Book Writer/Artist/Historian; GoGirl! Writer

Jason Martin: Super Real Writer/Artist/Creator

Jim Smith: Boris the Bear Writer/Artist/Creator

James Taylor: Writer/Artist/Publisher, Rorshach Entertainment

Richard Scott: Illustrator, Research Assistant/Writer

Joelle Jones: 12 Reasons Why I Love Her GN artist

Dealer & Artist tables are now on sale! Call Second Genesis at 503-788-1031 for a table packet. We're extending the $90. Dealer price until October 31. SmallPress/Artist tables are $45. until October 31.

At the show:
All day & time permitting: Scott Allie will be doing Portfolio Reviews. A rare chance for local artists to show their portfolios to a Dark Horse Editor.

At noon: "When Women Flew: Flying Women in the Comics of World War II and in
Real Life" a Slide Show/Discussion by Trina Robbins

At 2:30pm: "Ask The Writers Panel Discussion" attendees are invited to ask the comic book writers questions. Likely candidates for the Panel Discussion will be Brian Michael Bendis, Howard Chaykin, Scott Allie, Kurt Busiek, Brandon Jerwa, Jamie S. Rich and Trina Robbins. Paul Guinan (Heartbreakers) will moderate. Questions must be submitted by November 5 via email to
Please put "questions for writers" in the subject field.

Dealers Room:
There will be 165 tables of dealers and collectors with hundreds of thousands of comic books, we estimate that there will be 250,000 comic books at the show on Sunday! Plus Toys & Action Figures, non-sports cards, Anime merchandise, Star Wars & Star Trek material, videos/DVD's, Original art, posters, prints, Disney, TV & Film Memorabilia. Admission is $7. for ages 8 & up, 7 & under are free.
Hours are 10am to 5pm. We will put up a list of attending dealers the week of
the show.

Our show is on Veteran's Day this year, November 11th. We want to thank the Veterans who have served or Military Personal that are currently serving with free admission to this show. Just bring your Military Card AND Photo ID for free admission. If you have other people in your family or group they will need to pay regular admission.

That’s pretty cool about Veterans getting in free. I’m most interested in the woman fliers by Trina Robbins. Of course she will have to talk about Valkyrie so I’m excited about that. It’s nice to see a few events at the show rather than simply being a comic flea market. They still need to move to a better space though… grumble, grumble…



ladybug said...

I hope the aged vault of the Coliseum will not dampen your spirits too much this year!

Swinebread said...

Can little bean go again? And you guys for that matter?

ladybug said...

I checked the calendar-nada: so I wrote it in! Plan on it!

Arkonbey said...

Another show too far away from me to attend.
What I want to know is why do so many comic shows and conventions, even the oft-recurring ones, have abominable websites? It isn't all that hard to jazz it up just a little.

What kills me is the "(Best viewed at 1024x768)" at the bottom.

And just to show that we have bad con sites on the East Coast.

Swinebread said...

Oh man, we totally on the same wave here...
gawd awful for sure.