Monday, September 22, 2008

Quick Comic Reviews

Comic Reviews

Conan the Cimmerian #3
Conan has made is his way back to Cimmeria and he meets up with Coallan, an old flame who has grown into a strong and very attractive woman. Hot on her heels are the invading coldblooded Aesir. I like this issue a lot, probably for it’s depiction of Coallan as she represents that strong female warrior that I’ve been pining for. I’m very interested in the women of Cimmera and how they handle themselves in a fight, so this whole new story arc by Truman is refreshing. Thomas Giorello’s artwork really brings out the blacks, which I greatly enjoy and it’s reminiscent of the old Savage Sword of Conan title. Richard Corbin also provides engaging art for a flashback sequence featuring Conan’s grandfather.

Marvel Apes #2
We’ve kinda got two things gong on in Marvel Apes. The first is the fun wackiness that is an Ape-ified Marvel Universe and the other is a “what if” story in which Captain America is a villain (although if my suspicions are correct it’s not his fault). I approve of this approach, as the novelty of a Monkey Marvel world isn’t enough to carry a story. The back up tale on the history of the Marvel Ape Universe is hilarious and so are the fake covers for other Marvel Apes titles. A nod to Mutant and Masterminds’ “Earth-Ape” should be made though as Marvel is ripping it off wholesale.

The Walking Dead #52
The zombie title that’s not about zombies continues with Rick and Carl on the road. Michonne shows up just in time to save little Carl from a zombie attack and later she helps Rick deal with the death of his wife and daughter. It’s nice to be traveling, instead of stuck in the prison as in the previous story arc and its good to have tough as nails Michonne back too. I realized while reading this issue and Conan that Charlie Adlard’s art has a definite Richard Corbin influence that really fits a horror title like this. Krikman’s pacing is as excellent as always and he ends the issue on just the right note. How does he do it?

The Astounding Wolf-Man #8
Kirkman’s superhero horror comic sees Gary on the run as he’s been wrongly accused of murdering his wife. The only thing keeping him going, is his thirst for revenge over the vampire that killed his spouse and the only way to accomplish said revenge is to seek out the Were-Wolf that made him. I love how Gary set himself up all Bruce Wayne–like and how it quickly went to shit. When you are dealing with dark supernatural forces it’s hard to simply go on patrol and fight bank robbers. I love how the Saturday morning cartoon style contrasts with the evil undertones of this book. Note: Fans of White Wolf’s Were-Wolf game should be reading this.

The End League.
Is it just me or did this take forever to come out? Anyhoo, issue 4 of Rick Remender’s post-apocalyptic superhero series focus in on The Prairie Ghost this time around as he secures the services of a healer. The Prairie Ghost (who is now my favorite from this title) is strangely an appropriate cross between Jonah Hex and Ghost Rider. He’s really working for me and I feel he should have had more prominence before now. The story is a good one of desperation and survival but the art takes a right turn as Eric Canete replaces Mat Broome. I have to say I prefer Broome’s cleaner style to Canete’s. Canete’s drawings have a little of the Savage Dragon bendy bones thing going on and some super deformed traits too. Plus, it’s hard to tell what’s going in his panels. I may have to drop this title if the art doesn’t improve with the next issue.

Guardians of The Galaxy #5
I really like cosmic stuff or at least I did back in the day, but I skipped the whole Annihilation thing because I was mad about Marvel killing off the Xanderians… again. I’ve wanted to pick an issue of GOTG though but it’s always sold out. I love the original team and I’m also a fan of Rocket Raccoon and Gamora, so I figured “why not” as an issue was available. Well, I’m lost. Too much has gone on in the far reaches of Marvel space for me to track. I know most of the characters but a lot has happened to them in modern times for me to keep up. Plus, I really am not interested in the Secret Invasion crap Marvel is forcing down our throats and it’s all over this title. Crossover/event comics suck! I thought the appearance of Star Hawk was cool though. It’s funny that everybody’s costume had to be updated to look like something from the X-Men movies. They can’t be superheroes anymore I guess. They have to be “adventurers.”

Men of Mystery #72
It’s fun to read these golden age black and white reprints but frankly at ten buck a pop Men of Mystery should really be in color or a least grayscale. I particularly enjoyed the Major Midnight, Rainbow Boy and Camilla stories. It’s kinda nice to read pulpy stuff with characters I’m not familiar with as it gives me that down home serial feeling.

Star Trek Assignment Earth #5
Love it, love it love it. ST:AE is truly a fantastic comic series. This mini-series finishes out in grand fashion with a communist plot to replace Nixon as he visits China. Gary 7 and Roberta Lincoln succeed in saving the president… or do they? But all that really matters is that old tricky Dick appears to be who he is supposed to be for the sake of the timeline. John Byrne has really pulled it off with this one. ST: AE feels like a late 60s and early 70s TV show but with 20/20 hindsight. This series made me realize what a great sci-fi, espionage show Assignment Earth could have been. The AE concept should be revived as a TV show in some fashion IMO. I was skeptical about this comic but this is one of the best things I’ve read all year. Not to be missed by Star Trek fans. Side note: this great idea for a roleplaying game too.


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