Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quick Comic Reviews

Star Trek: Mirror Images #3, IDW.
Here we get an interlude from the main storyline of the Mirror Universe Kirk with a story of a young Picard (looking like Shinzon) seizing comand as the Terran Empire begins it’s death spiral. I like the Mirror Universe a lot but I hated what they did with it in Deep Space 9. This comic shows that at least Jean Luc didn’t go down without a fight. I enjoyed the excellent storytelling and the art has an adequate sci-fi, tarot card kinda look.

Red Sonja #37, Dynamite Entertainment.
The story of a reborn Red Sonja continues with acceptable although not stellar results. Her whole origin was screwed up so I guess why not start over practically from scratch. Sonja begins her training to become the warrior she once was in her previous life so she can seek revenge, sounds familiar. It’s a hero(ine)’s journey. The art is OK but the coloring needs work. I liked the nod to Claw the unconquered.

Doctor Who Classics #10, IDW.
I’ve enjoyed this Who reprint title immensely. The new show is OK but for some reason I still like the old Doctor Who with Baker better and this comic has given me my fix. The two stories contained herein see the Doctor’s companion Sharon off on her final two adventures. Gibbons’ artwork is a good fit for Baker’s Who and the new coloring works for me. I believe this the final issue and I’m sad to see it go, as this series really captured the Doctor imo.

Star Trek: Romulans: The Hollow Crown #1, IDW.
An outstanding comic all-around, John Byrne has recaptured his lost magic here. He is exactly what the Star Trek franchise needed and vice versa. I can’t decide which is better the art or the story and that’s a good bit of indecision to have. This title is a sequel to Byrne’s earlier Star Trek: Romulans comic and is set after the events in Balance of Terror. Get it, Read it and enjoy it. The world of the Romulans has never been richer.

The Dark Tower: Treachery #1, Marvel.
This is the third and final act of the Dark Tower Comics. Amazing art and a rich universe unfold as Ronald is home and he’s not quite sane. What we got here is the Man with No Name meets Lovecraft meets Lord of the Rings. Pick up Gunslinger Born first if you are interested in reading this.

The Stand: Captain Trips #1, Marvel.
I’ve read the Stand and watched the TV miniseries. So I was intrigued in how all of this could be condensed down into three comic mini-series. So far we’re off to a tube-necking good start. It’s seems the events in the comic are set in the early 80s as old cars and ghetto blasters are prominently depicted. I like the renderings of Stu, Larry and Frannie and Randal Flagg (although he’s only on the cover). It’s actually kinda nice to get away from King’s over exposition with the images recalling so much of the information from the book without the need for words.


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