Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quick Comic Reviews

I thought I’d make some quickie reviews of last week’s comics

H.P. Lovecraft’s Vault of Horror #3
Horror and Sci-fi favorite Richard Corbin finishes out his mini-series which adapts some of the gentleman from Providence's smaller works including poems. The adaptations here are well done and the Heavy Metal art style suits these mythos tales quite well, although I wasn’t completely behind the black &white drawings until this issue. I’d consider the Arthur Jermyn adaptation in this issue quite stellar by making one of Lovecraft’s more obvious stories into something much more enjoyable to read. The last two tales in this issue are freely adapted from H.P’s horror poems The Well and The Window. Both are short but engaging.

She-Hulk #32
Secret Invasion invades She-Hulk with mixed results. I’m not interested in this lame crossover that is infecting the Marvel universe but I do like the Super-Skrull who figures as the main villain, so that’s something. The coloring is bowling me over as it remindes me of Heavy Metal (again). It’s such a dramatic visual look and unlike how comics colors used to appear that Shulkie seems like she’s in a sci-fi, anime movie.

Star Trek Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment #5
This is one of the best if not thee best Star Trek comic series that I’ve read, but what else could you expect from D.C. Fontana. The voice of the characters is correct and their actions are in line with the TOS. Fontana ties in concepts like the Preservers and the Organians, and she brings back popular characters such as the Kor, Koloth and the hottie Romulan commander from the Enterprise incident. Plus, she makes the Edosians important to the future of the Star Trek Universe, which is much appreciated. More ST if it is written by Fontana.

Necronomicon #1
A wonderful new Cthulhu Horror miniseries from Boom Studios centered around the most famous sanity-blasting tome off all time. Set in the 1920s, the narrative is told through a letter from an Arab student that comes to study at Miskatonic University and who ends up joining forces with academic occultists because of his language skills. The story, so far, is top notch and the Vertigo art style by Andrew Ritchie suits the Lovecraftian Horror theme.

Northlanders #9
You can’t tell realistic Viking tales without taking about Lidisfarne. This issue is part one of two-part standalone story on the sacking of a Monastery on the Northern coast of England in 793 A.D. A boy feels crushed under the yoke of medieval Christianity and calls upon the old gods for help and the Vikings seem to be the answer to his prayers. With adequate art and a solid narrative, this two-parter is kinda a placeholder until the next longer story arc commences.

Ambush Bug: Year None #2
Mitsu Bishi, Amber Butane, Blue Beetle, and Jann Jones are present and accounted for. What else do you need to know? Might not be as fun for folks that aren’t as familiar with all the crazy crap that’s been going on in DC comics that last few years but the OMAC Cheeks takes the cake! Did I mention Angryish Bear? Oh Well I just did.

Life Sucks Graphic Novel
I recently finished up the graphic novel Life Sucks written by Jessica Abel and Gabe Soria. This isn’t my usual sort of fair, but I just had to give this vampire slacker story a look-see. If I had to give you a shorthand description for this it might be Love and Rockets crossed with the Lost Boys plus a dash of Clerks.

Life Sucks isn’t your typical vampire story. When the luckless vegetarian Dave is transformed into a vampire, none of his problems are solved, he still has to pay the rent and the Jocks still seem to get the girls. It’s supposedly Young Adult but I wouldn’t let that stop you if you’re looking for something different.



Dean Wormer said...

Nice reviews.

For the couple of titles I picked up that you revies I concur.

I'm really bummed that Fontana's run on Trek is over. That was lightyears better than the stuff that title put out last year.

Don Snabulus said...

HP is enjoying a real resurgence in the graphic realm. Someone should reanimate him.

Randal Graves said...

HPL and rampaging Viking gods? I really should get back into comics.

ladybug said...

Northlander sounds interesting...gonna have to borrow it!

Swinebread said...

Dean – We got the old characters back with Fontana what a change from the 1st crappy year four title they put out

Sanb – It’s amazing that HP hasn’t been tapped as much as should have been. His theme’s work well in comics

Randal – you should if you can afford it, a lot of libraries carry trades now too

LB - as long as you return it, Hint hint hint (you still have a few of my books)