Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Movie of the Week: Star Wars Holiday Special

What better way to celibrate the Christmas Season than by paying homage to this infamous bit of the Star Wars Universe. Guess What? This year is the Star Wars Holiday Special's 30th Anniversary!

I actually watched this as a kid but I didn't really remember much of it other than that the cartoon portion had Boba Fett.

I do recall, even as a young-in, that I felt something was really off with the show. Well now with youtube you can see how bad it really was. After watching these clips, I'm now glad I couldn't remember the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Intro and outakes

Here's the Cartoon. This was pretty fun actually.

Cooking with an alien Harvey Korman

Bea Arthur sings at the cantina

Hologram acrobatics!

Leia Sings... Heard she was really high when when they shot this.

Happy Life Day everybody!



ladybug said...

Hmmm, I DO NOT remember this at all!..maybe it was the year I had the flu and missed everything...

rob! said...

Boy, if all you saw of the Holiday Special was that ad, you'd be fooled into thinking it might have been good!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Unfortunately, I've remembered it very well since first seeing it all those years ago. I'm sure I'd groan at it much louder now than I did back then.

No, not the kid's stuffed bantha! NOOOO!!!!!!!! Quick! Plug me back into Uncle Itchy's zoning machine!

"I find you adorable!" CLICK!
"I find you adorable!" CLICK!

Randal Graves said...

Hell with Charlie Brown, they should play this every year!