Monday, December 1, 2008

Did Some Gaming

I got a chance to play Call of Cthulhu over this last holiday weekend with family and friends. Man… I can’t even remember that last time I had a chance to play… Overdroid was in town and so he had the Gamemaster responsibilities. This one-off session was alotta’ fun especially because we had some newbies. I own most of the Lovecraft County books that Chaosium has put out, so Overdroid opted for an adventure out of Secrets of Los Angeles. I went temporarily insane but survived so it was all-good.

My Wife is so cool, because she looked after our son while the rest of played...



Don Snabulus said...

That was a lot of fun. The hosts were gracious, the game master was good, the party was diverse and fun, and the outcome was violent, chaotic and successful, as it should be.

Dean Wormer said...

Dear Mr. Lemon,

It has come to my attention that you have misplaced the ham I keep in the gun cabinet in our offices. If you would be so kind as to return it I would appreciate as much.

I will make sure you are lowered down from your hook and removed from your diving suit.

Your partner,

Mr. Melon

ladybug said...

Gosh, it was SO MUCH that I've played, I can roll up new characters w/a better idea of what's important.

No less than Overdroid's awesome skill at handling the GM's duties;

Guess we'll havta fly down to Cali-for-ni-yay for some more gaming..anybody gotta Lotto ticket?

pidomon said...

well to be honest who among us hasn't gone temporarily insane! lol

glad you had a good break

Overdroid said...

Temporarily insane in the game. Permanently insane . . . Your wife is way cool. But you son is cooler.

And we liked that.

Look at the picture on my blog.