Friday, July 20, 2007

My New Comics

I've had a busy week but here's my list of new comics.

This week's best cover is Zero Killer #1.

Fall of Cthulhu #4, Boom Studios.

Zero Killer #1, Dark Horse. Interesting new post-apocalyptic story set in the flooded remains of New York City. From the inside cover:

1973: Global skirmishes lead to a massive nuclear war known as “Zero Hour” Over 90 percent of the human population is annihilated. Nixon and Ford are assassinated during the chaos. Along with most of the House and Senate – leaving JOCOM, a militarized vestige of the United States Government in control.

2007: New York City, present day. In the last thirty-four years since “Zero Hour,” those civilians who survived the nuclear fires have settled into a culture of “gang protection,” living in the crumbling, half-submerged towers and quickly forgetting a somewhat civilized past.

Japan has a lot of urban post-apocalyptic manga and Zero Killer reminds me of that genre except with an American, 70s-80s gangland twist. Glad to have a another good PA story.

Samurai: Heaven and Earth #5, Dark Horse Comics.

Focus on Star Trek #1, IDW. Great interview with D.C. Fontana, and a neat introductory story for Star Trek: Year Four.

Lone Ranger #7, Dynamite Entertainment.

Terminator 2: Infinity, #1, Dynamite Entertainment.
Dynamite's new TERMINATOR 2 series continues the intense futuristic vision of a post apocalyptic world dominated by cybernetic killing machines and the struggles of the opposing human resistance. The series features all-new stories starring the popular characters from the blockbuster Terminator 2 film, as well some all all-new, all-deadly creations,such as the never-before-seen Terminator Infinity! In Dynamite's opening TERMINATOR 2 event, "Trial by Fire", Skynet sets out to destroy the Terminators in the past to preserve their (mostly) human free future!


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