Thursday, March 20, 2008

My New Comics

This week’s best cover is War Is Hell: First Flight of the Phantom Eagle #1.

Brave And The Bold #11, DC Comics.Ultraman! I love those Crime Syndicate Guys.

Red Sonja #31, Dynamite Entertainment.

War Is Hell: First Flight of the Phantom Eagle #1, Marvel Comics/MAX. I’ve been enjoying DC’s Enemy Ace, so now I get to delve into Marvel’s WWI Ace (Phantom Eagle) with this new story. It features art by Howard Chaykin, who incidentally did a few Enemy Ace stories.

Shadowpact #23, DC Comics.

Jungle Girl #5, Dynamite Entertainment. A cliff hanger ending leads to a 2nd mini-series in this Lost World-like adventure.

Back Issue #27, Twomorrows Publishing. The Royalty Issue, great article on Dr. Doom.



Becca said...

That is a really great cover! I love that old timey WWII stuff!

Did you read High Roads? That was a great mini-series.

Pandabonium said...

Umm WWI stuff I think, but all those guys in leather are hard to tell apart. ;^)

Cool cover.

Arkonbey said...

Wow. That is the best cover.

Say, are you keeping track of the Best Covers? Should do a best-of-the-best award. This would get my vote, Dave Stevens would be proud.

I'm going to the (terrible)comic store tomorrow and I'm so checking that out.

Doctor Smoke said...

gotta love the aviation comics.

oh and there's a new movie coming out that I think you'll like. I posted the trailer on my blog...

Dr. Zaius said...

I love that cover - very "Rocketeer"-ish.

ladybug said...

Yup, right up my '30's alley there!

Swinebread said...

Becca – High Roads looks like my kinda’ title, thanks for the tip!

Panda – It’s funny because usually the Phantom Eagle has a more garish costume but I guess they’re going for more realism this time around.

Arkonbey – It’s a fantastic cover! And yes I am keeping track, so maybe it will win an Atomic Romance Award at the end of the year. Check our Marvel’s site for other cool covers in the series.

I sure wish you had other options for buying comics.

Dr. S – Yes you gotta’ I just glad something new in aviation comics is out!

Dr. Zaius – That’s what I thought too!

LB – Well, you can borrow it if you want.

pidomon said...

did you pick up the hardcover version of Killing Joke?

Just when I thought that story couldn't get any better DC has to go and recolor and put it on larger paper with a bonus back up story.

I highly recommend it

Swinebread said...

Man that's sounds great, but I'll have to stick with my original copy for now... the money and the honey won't stretch that far...

but I will check it out the next time I'm in a bookstore