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I’m going with 7 famous people.

Bruce Campbell

Bruce was showing his film Bubba Ho-Tep around at various venues in 2002 to interest a distributor. Dean Wormer and Misses Dean were kind enough to invite me and the SO along. We waited for hours outside the Hollywood Theater in the cold to get in. Well, the gals waited outside as Dean and I got to go inside and wait in another line to do a meet and greet with the B-Movie legend before the film started. I had brought my DVD copy of The Evil Dead for Bruce to sign. While there, I decided to buy a hardback copy of his book If Chins Could Kill. I thought: “hey, why not get two things signed.” Well just before I got to meet him the crew told me that Mr. Campbell only signs one thing per fan. Oh well, I did want to read his book at some point.

Bruce was very nice and shook my hand and I sat and talked with him a few moments. As he signed my DVD with “Stay Groovy.” I mentioned that I really enjoyed his mini doc Fanalysis that was on the DVD and wondered if he was going to do another one. He said that they had something in the works. I never saw it but I’m sure it ended up on some DVD. I then blabbered some dumb crap about myself that he could have cared less about, but I was feeling ill so I wasn’t thinking clearly. I did have the good sense to say that I enjoyed his work and wished him well before I left.

Mr. Campbell was nice of enough to meet all the folks that had waited to get something signed, so nice in fact that the showing of Bubba Ho-Tep was delayed much to the dismay of our spouses waiting outside in the cold. Eventually, we all sat down together and, after a lively introduction by Mr. Campbell, enjoyed the film.

Erin Grey

I think it was in 1998 when Erin Grey stopped by Portland during a comic convention. I had a big crush on her when I was in grade school because of her staring role as Wilma Deering on the Buck Rodgers TV show. You know the one that was a little too disco for it’s own good right? Well, as the years went by I realized that she was the best part of that program (well, her and Doctor Theopolis that is) so; when she came to Portland I decided to meet her.

When I got to the comic show, I realized I was actually a little nervous, which was strange because it’s not like she was mega famous anymore but, maybe it was due to the fact that hardly anybody ever came to Portland. She looked great, Erin had taken care of herself over the years and she reminded me of one of those hot moms. I talked to her a little bit and asked if she had anything coming out, and she responded that she up for a role and she hoped she was going to get it. That made me a little sad because I think that Grey is good actor, but Buck Rogers typecast her. She was seriously considered for the role of Janeway on Star Trek Voyager. How awesome would that have been?

I bought a signed copy of one her Buck Rogers pictures and I also bought a copy of her book Act Right. Incidentally, it was at this convention that I realized the Portland Comic book show was held in really awful space, the basement of the Memorial Coliseum. I felt a little ashamed that guests had come from all over the place and were stuck in this dank, dark dungeon. And Sure enough, she never came back to Portland just like all the other media guests that have come for the convention.

Will Eisner

Yes, the godfather of American comics and the creator of the Spirit actually came to Portland once thanks to Dark Horse Comics. In august 2000, Things From Another World (Mike Richardson’s other company) hosted the meet and greet with the grandmaster. He was obviously in town to convene with the Dark Horse bunch and it was a simple matter for him to cross the street for the event at the comic shop.

I was having trouble deciding what to have him sign, but I ended up bringing the first two volumes of the Spirit Archives that had just been published previously that year. I arrived early with my niece and we ended up being the first in line. My niece didn’t have a clue who Eisner was but I hoped that someday she’d realize how special it was to meet him, although I’m still not holding my breath.

When Will Eisner came into the shop, he looked just like I thought he would, like a kindly grandfather. He was very affable and was very happy to sign my copies of the Sprit archives especially since he hadn’t seen them yet. When he recognized that Alan Moore wrote the forward, he examined fondly “Oh Alan!”

My niece got mildly annoyed because he kept confusing her name with the name of one his great-granddaughters, but I had great time. I would have loved to chitchat with him but the line was already very long. I had my picture taken with Will and I used one of those disposable cameras, which I promptly lost. Oh well, it was great to meet one of my comic creator heroes particularly given that he passed away a few years later in 2005.

Linda Harrison

Linda played Nova in the first two Planet of the Apes films which are part of my favorite Science Fiction film series of all time, so there was no way I was gonna’ pass up seeing her. She came to Portland in 2004 (I think?) to the Portland comic convention.

I hauled along my Niece again, she didn’t know who Linda was either but I figured she might watch the Planet of the Apes movies eventually. Linda was very nice and agreed to have a picture taken with my niece. As you can see from the shot, she looked great. I bought and had her sign one of her photographs. It was she, the cast and the crew from the first POTA film. Everybody was on the beach where they shot the scene in which Dr. Zaius gets tied up. When I later took to look at the picture, I realized that everybody in that photo was dead expect for Linda Harrison and “Chuck” Heston.

Cat Yronwode

Author, critic, hippie, and sex magic promoter, Cat Yronwode, has worn many hats throughout her life but I knew none of that when I went to see the Eclipse Comics booth back in 1985 or 86. At that time, she was the editor-in-chief of one of my favorite comic companies and that was good enough for me as a pimply-faced teen. Being a huge fan of Eclipse Comics because they published lots of different genres, I collected many of their titles and I couldn’t believe they were actually coming to Portland. Plus, I had read many of cat’s editorials so meeting her personally was something I built up in my mind.

When I first got to the Eclipse table, Cat Yronwode wasn’t there but she soon walked up with some Eclipse titles in hand. She commented to her crew how she was able to find some good back issues to add to their library. I knew what she was talking about because Eclipse had been flooded out a few years before and all their back issues were lost. Cat then sat right down and began interacting with the fans.

Now being a celebrity novice, I didn’t realize that bringing a ginormous stack of comics for her to sign was a pretty rude thing to do. But she was very cool about it and said something nice about what great fan I must be. I realized my mistake when Dean Mullaney, Eclipse’s publisher, said he was only going to autograph one title and suggested she do the same. She ignored him and went right on putting her name on all my Scout comics, Miracle Man comics and Alien Encounters comics (my three favorite titles). Then, when she was done, she handed me one of the Eclipse Comics metal buttons they were selling because I was such a big fan. I wore that button proudly for many years before I stored it away someplace.

Cat Yronwode became one of my favorite comic book people that day. She treated me so nicely when she could have totally blown me off. Cat didn’t and so created a very loyal Eclipse Comics fan. I always felt she was the major reason that Eclipse had been such a success in the 1980s. Eclipse Comics went out of business in 1994, but she had left in 1993. What does that tell you?

Paul Chadwick

I met Paul Chadwick, the creator of Concrete, in 2005. He was nice enough to do an on camera interview:

Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson is the founder of Dark Horse Comics. Back when the company was first starting out in 1986, Dark Horse always had a booth at the Portland Comic Book Show and Mike was often there. He was a soft-spoken, easygoing sort of guy that was happy to meet the fans. Nowadays, Mike’s a bigwig with 300, Sin City, and Hellboy, being huge media successes so he has no need to slum it with the little folk or modest comic book conventions that take place in dank dungeons, but this year he is gonna’ be at the Stumptown Comics Fest, so I think this newer, homegrown convention has, shall we say, arrived?

I’m just gonna tag Lady Bug… I broke the rules… sorry Moody...



Eaglewing said...

Nice. you've met a lot of famous people. Meeting Bruce Campbell would be awesome - Brisco County Jr himself.

Dr. Zaius said...

You're so lucky to have met Nova!

pidomon said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Will Eisner once. It was at SDCC.
Just a wonderful man. It was sad though seeing all the "kids" just walk by him and had no idea who he was.

ladybug said...

Wow, that's when the Beaniac was still a bright-eyed kiddo! I remember you telling me about meeting Bruce. Now I have to think about who I'm going to write about...Hmmm!

Arkonbey said...

Wow. Eisner. I have no idea what I would do if I met a legend as you did. I mean, they named a damned award after him! Wow. Just, wow.

The 'oh, Alan' thing is funny.

Don Snabulus said...

That is a good set of dudettes and dudes. I remember Erin Gray from Buck Rogers felt the same way you did about her. That show would have tanked without her.

Doctor Smoke said...


you met Bruce Campbell?

why I... you...little...

and Eisner?!

you jammy b*****d!!

*curls up in a corner to cry*

Dean Wormer said...

Nice list!

Wilma Deering. Rwwooollllll!

Arkonbey said...

I just want to add that Bubba Ho-Tep was a fantastic film. Except for that stupid floating type crap at the climax. It very nearly ruined it for me.

Pandabonium said...

Impressive list. Linda Harrison looks great in that pic. I watched Planet of the Apes two or three times in the theaters I liked it so much. I was in high school when it came out. If the characters in that movie had been dinosaurs, she would have been the babe-a-saurus rex.

The Moody Minstrel said...

No need to apologize, sir! I'm just happy that you did the tag, and what a list!

You met Erin Grey??!?
(urk...the old pains are coming back...memories of tight BLUE spandex jumpsuits and starfighters...)

Swinebread said...

EW – It was a lot of fun. Dean Wormer has met him more than once thus he is cooler than me.

Dr. Zaius – Yes, Yes I am. But I wish I could have met Kim Hunter and Roddy McDowall too.

Pidomon – I know how you feel. The guy in line behind me told my how it was his friend that told him that WE was going to be there and he didn’t know who Will was and didn’t want to meet Will.

LB – You’d better do it!

Arkonbey – I wish I would have asked him a question or two but I just kinda’ forgot to say much but it’s a very happy memory.

Snab – I felt she was the real star of the show. Gil was a heel…

Dr. S – He does call Oregon his home now so I have more chances than some. Has he ever made it to Italy?

Dean – Thanks

Arkonbey – Hmmmm, I don’t remember that… I’ll have to see it again.

Panda – I wasn’t born yet, and not seeing POTA in a movie theater is one of my “if onlys”

Moody – Erin Grey forever!

Doctor Smoke said...

unfortunately nobody knows him that much inItaly, so i doubt he'll ever come down here... unless it's for a sunny vacation in Tuscany or something...

curse you!!!
(I hope this doesn't put a damper on our friendship)

Becca said...

What a great meme!

You met Linda Harrison? I'm so jealous!!!!

Swinebread said...

Doctor S - I'll take a Deadite curse any day!

Becca - You should try it, even though I didn't tag you!

Linda was really nice, just a great gal!