Friday, March 28, 2008

My New Comics

This week’s best cover is Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #7.

Army of Darkness / Xena: Why Not? #1, Dynamite Entertainment. Hells yeah!

Battlestar Galatica: Origins #4, Dynamite Entertainment. Season 4 next Week…

Badger Saves the World #4, IDW. Man, this wasn’t supposed to be this good!

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #7, DC Comics. Insects are sexy…

She-Hulk #27, Marvel Comics. The Boobs Get Bigger!

Dark 48 #2, Digital Webbing. I knew I wasn’t gonna’ be able to get the first issue. *sniff*

Terminator 2 #7, Dynamite Entertainment. I guess they dropped the whole infinity thing in the title.

The Phantom #22, Moonstone. I like the character but I’m getting a little impatient with this title.

Marvel Atlas #2, Marvel Comics. Hey, where are the fake Australian countries?

Trade Paperbacks:
The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe: Master Edition Vol. #1, Marvel Comics. More fanboy OCD fun.

Way of the Rat Vol. #3. Checker Publishing. You know this is owned by Disney now right?



pidomon said...

insects are sexy especially planet sized ships full of them

and no All Star Superman? That book rocks

Stephen said...

is terminator any good. I'm a big terminator fan but every comic i've ever read has sucked horribly.

Swinebread said...

pidomon - planet sized ships full of them that want to take over the earth! That just pushes it over the top for me!

As for Supes, I'm not really into the big S. Plus, I don't like the way they draw him nowadays. I like a more slender superman type like from the 80s. After Alan Moore's "What ever happened to the Man of Tomorrow" what's the point IMHO. If i could get it for free, I'd read it though. Also, I'm kinda' burned out on all the famous heroes from both marvel and DC. Spiderman is one of my favs but I just can't read his new stuff anymore.

stephen - I haven't read any other T comics so I don't have anything to compare it to. I find it fun but I'm not a sticker when it comes to The T movies. If your picky, it might not be for you. I just pick it up for a little sci-fi, and action.

pidomon said...

in my opinion the Big S is a tough character to write.
But Grant and Frank have crafted a superb story (once again IMHO)

There is a hard cover out of the first 6 issues which should be , i would guess, coming out in a trade soon.

It's worth the read.

Now if we could only get All Star G'Nort I'd be happy :)

Swinebread said...

Pidomon – I agree he’s tough to write. I’ll check it out if it comes out in a trade the HC is just too expensive for me. Thanks

Dean Wormer said...

Enjoyed the hell out of the Xena/ AOD crossover but I don't think the guys doing Freddy v. Jason v. Ash get the Ash character as well as Dynamite. I think it's another company, right?

Swinebread said...

The F vs J vs A is a co-publish between Dynamite and Wildstorm (a division of DC).

I think it's more of a slasher movie with Ash in it. I feel he's intact but with such wanton murder it's hard for Ash's charmy-smarmy ways to shine...