Saturday, March 10, 2007

Captain America & The Colbert Report

Well if you haven't heard the news by now let me tell yah, Marvel has pulled another boner and killed off Captain America. I think they just did it to make a few quick bucks. I always liked Cap; he's a good guy. He's like Marvel's Superman but he ain't got no powers that’s what I enjoyed about him. Folks will likely say this has deep meaning because the country has been torn apart by the war blah blah blah.. This is just a moneymaker folks, and just like Superman they'll bring him back. Not that I'm really following much marvel comics right now mind you but fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Oh well, at least he went down trying to protect our superhuman civil liberties.

I just happened to catch the Colbert Report when he devoted his nightly segment ‘the word” to Cap. I enjoy how he pokes fun at folks for taking these things too seriously while letting his fanboy colors wave.

Access to this video will expire on 4/9/07 so I'll have come back with something to fix this post but until then enjoy.

Note: The date says 4/9/07, I was gonna transcribe Colbert’s talk but Comedy Central took the video down early, maybe for the Easter Weekend. Needless to say, it was really funny but now it’s gone and I’ve got nothing to replace it with. I’ll look around the Internet for written excerpts.



Joel Bryan said...

Poor Cap. I hate when they pull stunts like this. I haven't read any of this stuff but of course he'll come back and they'll make this huge hooplah over it.

Pandabonium said...

"fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" - that's easy for you to say! (W has trouble with that one).

From all you've written about Marvel I would gather that they are just not committed to maintaining and developing good characters. Very short sighted business model. Maybe if they had a passion for their heroes they'd have a better product and (doh!) make more revenue.

Seymour said...

I've always wondered why more supers aren't dropped by snipers.

Sure, it wouldn't work with most of them, but Dr. Doom could have cleaned out 75% of the Fantastic Four with a well trained sniper and a 400 Winchester magnum.

Hey, that could be a good topic: Superheroes that can be killed by long range rifle shots.

I'll start it out...

1. Captain America
2. Reed Richards (a nightmare, talk about balistic gelatin!)
3. Sue Storm Richards
4. Johnny Storm
5. etc..

Swinebread said...

joe That’s all marvel seems to do now days is pull stunts…

panda maybe they got Bush running Marvel :D cause both don’t seem understand the long-term implication of anything…

Seymour Yeah why didn’t they just off ‘em all long ago hehe

Hypatia said...

This is great, one of snabby's fav bits from the Colbert "rapport..." is the Word of the Day!

Pandabonium said...

re: Colbert: "Iron"ically, Alberto may be available for a new gig pretty soon.