Sunday, March 11, 2007

Captain America's death in the news

I found a vid that includes a CNN story about Cap I saw the other day. It was very well done... hat's off to Ali Velshi's reporting.
Joe Quesada's nonsense about the death having meaning is just hilarious. The meaning is clear: “let’s make lots of money.” Also, you’ll notice from the ABC piece that Quesada doesn’t even know what year cap was created. He is the head of Marvel! I think that speaks volumes. As for the Global piece they missed the mark. Come on! Cap is out of date, so yeah, we have to kill him. What…? Superman is older, remember “truth, justice in the American Way!” Maybe Cap needed an update but certainly not a death date. It sounds like Marvel is saying lets dump him like the Greatest Generation, as they have nothing to offer.

As I’ve said in another post, it’s not the fault of a fictional character if his or her storylines aren’t working, it’s the fault of the writers and editors.

On a political tangent Ari Emanuel notes in his column that maybe it was really Bush and Cheney that did in Cap America. He says:
So they killed Captain America. On paper he was offed by a sniper's bullet. But in reality it was the toxic state of Bush and Cheney's America. It's hard to be a star-spangled Super Soldier these days. Given the lip-service-only support this administration gives our troops, the patriotic hero would have to fight evil with a substandard red, white, and blue shield, and be stop-lossed into an endless tour of duty.

The only upside to the good Captain's death? If he had survived his wounds, he might have been sent to Walter Reed.

It appears that Marvel is doing Bush's dirty work, and they just don't see it. I guess Cap was just too quaint to be allowed to live, much like the Geneva Convention or our civil rights.

Stan Lee, Marvel's lead man in the 1960s said in this NPR story:
He represented everything that people in any side of the political spectrum find admirable. He was courageous, he was honest, he was loyal, he tried to always do the right thing. He had no prejudice; he was like a perfect human being.

Joe Simon, Cap's co-creator, is actually sitting shiva, a Jewish mourning ritual. He sums it better than anybody else "It's a hell of a time for him to go. We really need him now."

I couldn't agree more.



Dean Wormer said...


Your a little bit better at the comic history but didn't they kill superman already?

Nobody really dies in comics world but I agree that it's boneheaded to say the least. It doesn't lend itself to the idea that they've really thought out the story lines.

Don Snabulus said...

I saw a dead Captain American t-shirt in Hot Topic the other day before the news broke about his death. Interesting, eh? They were either on top of it or lucky.

Swinebread said...

dean No they haven't, because killing Cap and bringing him back is just a stupid as killing him and not bringing him back. No win situation sounds very Rummy to me…

snab yeah, this has been in the planning for more than a year. Death is so emo.

megomuseum said...

Cap is still alive in my Marvel masterworks and that's the last dime Marvel ever sees from me.

Except for the royalties they get from some of the toys, those are just bigger than me......

Swinebread said...

mego I can't help picking up a few old collections myself. but the current marvel guys sure don't get it do they.