Sunday, August 24, 2008

Comic Book Break-in

Last week, someone broke into to a relative’s house where I was storing most of my comic books… Now, I was greatly concerned about the safety and wellbeing of my relative but of course when I was told some of my comics were dumped on the floor and rifled through, I freaked.

My relative’s stuff looks OK for the most part and I told them about securing themselves from ID theft, but it really looks like the perp(s) were looking for money of which there was none. After looking around at what was searched through, I realized that the perp(s) spent the most of their time looking through my comics. Weird. I don’t have them in any kinda order despite a few title groupings, so I can’t be entirely sure that they didn’t steal any comics but if they did, they didn’t take much. I think they might have grabbed a random stack out of one box. I don’t have any real valuable comic books anyway, but I do have a few Bronze Age gems that they could have grabbed if they knew what they were looking for… but thankfully, they didn’t. I thought at least my early ‘80s X-men would have been taken but I guess they wasted their limited ransacking time by looking at Alpha Flight, Excalibur, and Power Pack.

A few comics were damaged but I’m just glad my collection is basically intact. This is one of the few legacies’ I have to give to Swinebread Jr. Needless to say, I removed my collection post haste to a new location.

Weird Fact: I discovered, while checking my comics over, that I have three copies of the Ambush Bug Christmas Special. Hmmmmm…. …all in excellent condition…

Here you can see the boxes are open and the comics are on the ground. I wonder if Gilded Lily on the cover of Alpha Flight #20 freaked ‘em out so much they stopped searchin’ TRY TO FORGET HER!

The drawer style storage boxes had been quickly opened and checked. Nope, no Action Comics number one here…

This drawer box was looked through by pulling up a few random issues but then the perp also shoved the box closed and bent fuck out of Amazing Spiderman Annual #20. You know this issue. It’s the one where time traveling Arno Stark kills the Blizzard…



Arkonbey said...

That is weird. What would have been slightly funny is if they'd lingered too long over the comics and the cops came in and found the thieves sitting cross-legged on the floor with comics all around them.

I do wonder what they thought they were looking for?

That's a awful lot of comics, man. I think you may need to take Swine Jr.'s college fund and build a climate-controlled safe for hem all. BTW thank you for avoiding the undisclosed location joke.

Randal Graves said...

At least we now know that some criminals are well read.


I'll bet your comics were the whole reason for the break in :)

Don Snabulus said...

It is sad that they made such a mess, but I am glad they were too dumb to find anything useful.

If they were smart, they wouldn't be committing crimes anyway...

Dean Wormer said...

Two words: bear trap.

pidomon said...

3 copies? lol
glad everyone is safe though

Dr. Zaius said...

Holy purloined comic caper, Batman!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Johny Zito's comment might not be totally off the mark, you know. It's quite possible that someone knew you had a comics collection stored there and was looking (not very hard or very well) for "gems".

Gilded Lily? I followed Alpha Flight for a while but gave up on it when Pink Pearl showed up.

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Your comic books have been traumatized for life. I recommend you get more appearances of Doc Samson, both his mini-series and his regular roles in other books.

Swinebread said...

Arky – They went through the house really fast so it’s almost creepy they spent time with my comics. Just odd.

I thinking that they must have been looking for really famous stuff or maybe they were just intrigued by of so many comics in one place.

Your welcome on the joke, I just didn’t have it in me.

Randal – Maybe not since they didn’t take the good stuff.

JZ – If they weren’t before they sure would be in the future.

Sanb – You are right on that. It still just boggles me.

Dean – Yeah but my relative would just step in it all the time.

Pido – yeah 3, what’s up with that? I must have just kept buying them.

Dr. Zaius – very apropos Doctor!

Moody - Maybe but I had a few items that are very famous and they weren’t touched so I think it’s more of an opportunity thing.

Pink Pearl! Wow you have a lot more comic zen then I would have given you credit for!

Chris – I know, having some greasy kid putting his hand all over my little treasures is just too much. Doc’s getting that call.