Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Watcthfriends - Watchmen meets Super-Friends

It had to be done by somebody right! Great job Ironycoast!



Dean Wormer said...


Dr. Zaius said...

"Superfriends", indeed. Bunch a wankers!

Pharaoh Bonehoffer said...

much better than what the watchmen movie looks like so far.

oh and I'm back from Euro-tripping.

Vic DiGital said...

Thanks for the kind words (this is Irony Coast/Dark Piranha).

Be sure to c heck out the side by side comparison video I posted.

Swinebread said...

dean - funny huh!

dr. Zaius - but their my kinda wankers... Well Wonder Woman is

PB - Tell me about it, I'm a little worried about the film now.

vic - Hey thinks for stopping by! I did watch the comparison, it was very interesting.

Vic DiGital said...

Hey... don't give up on the Watchmen film just yet. I love the visuals so far, and I just read the script and I'm amazed at how successfully it adapts the comic.

The only thing I haven't seen from this film yet that I'm still holding my breath about is some actual scenes. Once I see a complete scene, and see how Zach Snyder handles the overall tone and performances, THEN I'll be able to get 100% behind this film.

But as of this moment, it's all good.

pidomon said...

that was classic

Swinebread said...

vic - I'm not liking what I saw in the trailer especially the speed up and slo mo stuf and Rorschach Mask. I remain skeptical.

pido - yes did a great job with the vid


I'd pay to see that movie.

Watchmen... that's another story :)