Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I thought this was a funny cartoon



Evil Twin said...
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Evil Twin said...

We should put atheletes like Phelps and Bolt to better use.
Get them off the track and out of the pool.
Give them costumes and put them out there on the battlefield, defending mankind from the forces of evil and faked olympic coverage.

Bolt's got an appropriate name.
Not sure about 'The Phelps' though.
Perhaps 'Phelps, Phish-man!'

Dr. Zaius said...

Where do they get those wonderful toys?

The Moody Minstrel said...

I heard that Phelps is really bionic. What's the story on that?

(Yes, I'm kidding.)

rob! said...

there so should be an Aquaman comic out right now.

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Namor, I say. Aquaman is smarter. I think Namor just fits :)

pidomon said...

living in Baltimore we are in full phelps mania

Don Snabulus said...

Take that, the 1970s! Now we can expunge Mark Spitz and his retro moustache from our consciousness.

Evil Twin said...

I've been watching some old Mark Spitz interviews.
From what he said and thought about the olympics in general he sounded like a pretty smart guy.

Swinebread said...

ET – Now you’re talkin’ These guys seem superhuman so make ‘em really act like it. Heh heh

A codename for Phelps hmmm…. Super Swimmer?

Dr. Zaius – at the Olympic shopping mart

Moody – that’s funny because I heard he was a mutant

(and I’m kinda not kidding on that)

rob! – Yeah DC blew it again!

Chris – yeah but isn’t Namor kinda jerky sometimes? I say that as a Namor fan too. I think Aquama Man fits better for Phelps…

Pido – I bet!

Snab – Yes that was the real reason for his success.

ET – He wasn’t your typical athlete that’s for sure.