Thursday, August 28, 2008

Generation Freakazoid!

I finished up Generation Kill this week. The reviews have been very positive and I have to agree. This HBO mini-series based on the book by Even Wright is, in some sense, the most elaborate docudrama ever made because it simply lays out what happened. Nothing is glorified, and the Marines’ boredom is as palpable as the combat. It’s easy to make up your own mind about the folks involved and their actions but Generation Kill never asks you to and I appreciate that. And of course Sergeant Majors are crazy… …they’re always crazy. The tagline for this production might be “War is”

Here’s one of the Trailers. Note that the show itself doesn’t have a “soundtrack” like this trailer.


I picked up the first season of Freakazoid!. It’s got a cult following so I wanted to see if it lived up to it’s rep. Well, I have to say it’s a fun show with lots of wild antics and an Animaniacs style of humor. I like crazy superheroes a lot and this one doesn’t disappoint. Freakaziod is clearly a forerunner to the content of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.

Another reason I was interested in this show is because of the controversy with Madman creator Mike Allred. Madman is considered to be one of the main “unaccredited” influences on Freakazoid but I really don’t see it all that much. Ambush bug and the Mask seem to be ripped off much more directly.



Dean Wormer said...

Looks very good.

We're currently watching the complete Invader Zim.

God, I love that show.

Arkonbey said...

Man. I loved Freakazoid. And Animaniacs for that matter.

Sam and Max, too.

And Eek the Cat.

and Ren & Stimpy

You know, the nineties were good for off-kilter cartoons!

pidomon said...

Loved Freakazoid! Just nutso enough for my taste!

Swinebread said...

Dean – Zim is a great show. I’ll have to borrow it form you sometime.

Arkonbey – I really belive all of that creativity lead to adult swim on cartoon network. I’ve been thinking about getting Animaniacs too I already own Ren and Stimpy.

Pido – knew there was a reason I liked you.