Monday, September 3, 2007

My Favorite Wonder Woman Story...?

Over at Comics Fairplay, Heidi put out the call for bloggers to rap about their favorite Wonder Woman story of all time (here)…. ah gulp… I haven’t really read much Wonder Woman outside of team books and event stuff. Oh, wait I know.

I remember one crossover where Wonder Woman visited the Marvel Universe. While there, she met She-Hulk and they decided to become a crime-fighting duo after defeating Dr. Doom through some spontaneous teamwork. Eventually, their relationship deepened and they fell madly in love with each other. Despite the trials and tribulations of being super-heroines they decided to become life partners and raise a family. After experiencing the joys of parenthood from adopting a Chinese baby boy, they realized that what they really wanted was to go through the birthing process ala artificial insemination. They procured a sample of Captain America’s semen, but they ran into some trouble in their relationship. It seems they both wanted to bring the baby to term. The two of them worked it out though when She-Hulk changed her mind. She realized that it was probably safer for Wonder Woman to have the child since She-Hulk physically transforms. The scene where Wonder Woman gives birth was really powerful. There she is on the bed pushing, with sweat pouring down her face while Shulkie is lovingly holding her hand in a strong grip. Finally, the baby comes and they both burst into tears of joy and give each other a big kiss while holding their new daughter. It was a great story. One I’ll never forget. An interesting aspect of the Women’s relationship was the fact that Jennifer Walters was not in love with Wonder Woman, like She-Hulk was. Although Jennifer considered Wonder Woman a close friend, she just couldn’t have that kind of relationship with her and that led to all kinds of interesting story dynamics, as there were essentially three people in the relationship.

Oh Wait… no! Sorry, that was a dream I had, never mind.

Hmmm let me see, I must have read something. There was some story about Chronos stealing all the clocks in the city so nobody could tell what time it was… nah that was just silly. Well, the only other two I can up with are Wonder Woman’s first appearance from All-Star comics # 8, and issue #1 of Volume 2 of the Pérez reboot from 1987.

Her origin story always struck me because in it Wonder Woman wore a mask and shot another Amazon in the arm plus I liked the classic drawing style.

When in comes to Volume 2 #1, I read that issue as a Millennium Edition reprint in 2000. It was at that point that I realized I had missed something special.

So, I guess I’m gonna pick those two stories as my favorites as that’s all I’ve read.

It’s not that I don’t like Wonder Woman; it’s just that I always threw my money to the Marvel super-heroines like She-Hulk.



Dean Wormer said...

My favorite involves Lynda Carter and a blue lycra suit that wonder woman wore to swim in...

Sorry, were you talking about the comic.

Arkonbey said...

I actually laughed so hard I snorted reading that and I never snort.

Have you seen the WW section of

Don Snabulus said...

An anagram of Lynda Carter is Traden' Lycra, so it all fits (just like Lycra).

I can't remember if I read Wonder Woman as a kid or not.

Dean Wormer said...


That website is hysterical. Thanks for linking it.

Supes IS a bit of a jerk.

Swinebread said...

dean – talking about Lynda Carter is not something to be sorry about.

arkonbey – that’s great, I’ve looked at the superman stuff but the ww covers are hilarious, especially the one where she’s getting’ spanked by a giant baby. wow!

snab – Well now, we know a little bit more about you now huh?

Swinebread said...

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