Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Emerald City Comic Con part two

A mistake on my part was not attending more panels. I paid my 20 bucks to get into ECCC and I didn’t really take advantage of it. I guess I was a little too focused on getting creators signatures. The only panel I attended was DC Nation. I really wanted to hear what Dan Didio, Executive Editor of DC Comics, sounded like. He’s supposed to be the guy that’s ruining their whole line of characters right? ☺

It was actually quite a weird experience for me if the truth were told. I’d never attended anything like this. Being in a large room where the minutia of a fictional universe is being discussed was just odd. I realized I had no idea what was going on for the most part with the DC Universe. Not a surprise as I’m not reading most of their stuff. Maybe I was also taken aback at being out geeked by most of the folks there.

As for Dan Didio, I have to say he’s a pretty charismatic guy. He’s certainly knows how smooze a crowd and he has impeccable comic timing. His timing is so good I actually think he’d make a good standup comedian or actor. So maybe I was somewhat lost during the DC Nation Panel and haven’t agreed with many of his editorial decisions but he sure made the hour spent in the room quite fun.

CBR has an excellent rundown of the event here.

If you notice this section:

Didio’s next threw out a question to the audience: “How many people picked up €DC Universe’ #0.” While 90% of the room held their hands high, Didio playfully shot back with, “Why isn’t every hand raised?”

When a fan jokingly said that he didn’t purchase the issue because it didn’t have Ambush Bug in it, Didio pointed out that Stephane Roux just completed the latest “anti-inspirational” ad which will feature the character. He said it’s an image of Ambush Bug with the word “Unvictorious” underneath it, which seemed to please the audience.

That fan was me. That’s right. I’m a huge Ambush Bug groupie, so why not get this panel discussion off and rolling with the bug. I always assumed that the DC folks, including Dan, hated the character, so why not have a little playful sniping. What was funny was that Ambush Bug got mentioned several times throughout the event. So much so, that Dan stipulated that the last question could not be about Ambush Bug. I even got up at one point and asked couple of questions just so I could mention Ambush Bug again. The first question was just something so I could sound normal but the second question was “any chance of a Jonah Hex / Ambush bug crossover?” Dan seemed to get frustrated and cried “who would want to see that?!” Kurt Busick said maybe it could be Ambush Bug’s ancestor Bush-wacked. Heh, heh.heh It would be funny though as some sort of Joke I suppose. Hey Keith Giffen You listening?

Dan went into he audience several time to coach questioners to great humorous affect. This is the gal that asked about titles for new readers because most of DC's titles are too continuity heavy and confusing.

Heidi and James Meeley

I met up with Heidi and James Meeley from Comics Fairplay at the space goat booth. We had a great conversation about many aspects of comics and blogging. Our chat was one of the most fun things I did that whole day. Now that I know they like a good microbrew, I can’t wait for an enjoyable pub conversation between us. They said they were going to try to make it to Portland for the next Free Comic Book Day. Maybe they can take a trip sooner, but either way it will be fun to have them visit the city of roses and talk comics. They also introduced me to Laura “Teagan” Gjovaag of Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog. She was really nice and inquired if I was an Aquaman fan since she was. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I’m more of a Sub-Mariner kinda guy. Being really angry and kicking Nazi butt is more of my thing. Oh and the pointy ears too. Gotta’ love them pointer ears.

Michael Alan Nelson

I swung by the Boom Studios booth and said hi to Michael Alan Nelson. He’s the guy that’s been writing most of the Cthulhu Comics. I told him how much a mythos horror title was needed and that Fall of Cthulhu and Cthulhu Tales fit the bill perfectly. As you can see he’s got a Mohawk now. Michael was such a straight looking guy before; the knowledge of the outer void must be affecting his mind.

Jeffery Brown

Here’s Jeffery Brown. He’s signing my copy of Big Head. Jeffrey is most known for his autobiographical comics but Big Head was a nice departure. It’s a title that’s made deceptively simplistic looking. I think it’s great because it captures the magic and imagination of childhood while at the same time expressing the angst of adulthood. Plus, it’s really funny too. I recommend it to readers whose habits cross back and forth between mainstream and indy comics.



Richard said...

Dan DiDio made a big impression on me at the ReBoot tribute panel at NYCC this year. He had been the story editor on that show, and he just bubbled over with enthusiasm for the writers and artists who worked with him while making it. He wasn't selling anything and he wasn't there on behalf of shadowy corporate masters having to deliver a company line: it was genuine love he was expressing. And he came across as much warmer and more likeable than I'd ever seen him when talking about DC product. I couldn't help but feel if DiDio would show that guy more often he'd have a much better standing with fans.

Tegan said...

Sub-Mariner is awesome too. I'm an inclusive rather than exclusive type of fan. Kind of: "You like comics? Cool!" instead of "Marvel Zombie" or "Crusty old DC fan".

I like Ambush Bug too... only recently got to read some of his books, but I really liked them.

Heidi Meeley said...

Thank you for including us and being so kind! It is greatly appreciated, and I hope to hoist substance made from hops with you sooner then later!

Ambush Bug forever!

Swinebread said...

Rab – That’s really good to know. His editorial decisions seem so mean or just unfathomable sometimes. Maybe he’s getting pressures that I can’t even conceive of. Maybe he can find something else to where he can show that likeable guy more often.

Thanks for stopping bye my blog rab.

Tegan – it’s true, we comic fans have to stick together. It’s funny because I’m still guarded about being a comic book fan in public sometimes. Here I was a comic book show and didn’t want to upset anybody. Heh heh

I really hope DC collects Ambush Bug’s stuff in a trade at some point.

It was great meeting you at the show and I’m glad you stopped by my blog!

Heidi- how could I not include you two. You and James are one of the main reasons I came up for ECCC. I look forwarded to a time when we can all go to the pub together.

Ambush Bug Lives! J

Overdroid said...

An even better Ambush Bug link is here:

But you've probably already seen this.

Steve said...

And let's not forget the upcoming Ambush Bug Year None!

Swinebread said...

OD - yeah that's great site. but I though it might be overload for most folks

pidomon - Oh I haven't forgot at all. I'll have a Post about my relationship with the bug soon.