Saturday, December 8, 2007

Evil Dead and Gone?

I was thinking about how Bruce Campbell was being labeled the 13th coldest person in Hollywood by film threat (here) when I suddenly realized that, not only do these folks not know what the hell they’re talking about when it comes to Campbell (‘cause they’re spot on when comes to Nicolas Cage), but that Bruce is too old to play Ash again. Fans have been pining away for years for a sequel to Army of Darkness, which of course was really Evil Dead III, but as Campbell has stated on many occasions AoD didn’t make enough money, so there ain’t gonna be a sequel. Well, never say never, but a greater problem at this point is Bruce Campbell’s age. He doesn’t look like Ashley anymore, He looks like Ashley’s dad. A new Evil Dead/AoD film with Bruce as the lead would just be sad. It seems like it would be disrespectful to the character and to Bruce IMO.

BUT… after reading the AoD comics for a couple of years now by Dynamite Entertainment (which are fantastic by the way) I’ve come to realize that I really do miss the character on the big screen or the small screen for that matter. There’re too many untold Deadite stories and not enough fights between the forces of the book of the Dead and Ashley J. Williams. We need some sort of AoD film or video.

There are only two ways to do it at this point. One, you make an animated film or TV show. Or 2, you bring back Bruce Campbell in a supporting role as the old burned out chosen one that has to train the new dorky, inexperienced chosen one. Personally I’m leaning towards an animated project ‘cause then we could just have Campbell do the voice work and voilà, Ash is back. Maybe a trilogy of 3 movies would be cool although I know I would really prefer an animated TV show but I’m worried it would get cancelled. Better to compete the story then be left hanging. A live action film with an Old Ash has some advantages too in that we’d actually get to see Campbell acting again but also it’s closer to the sprit of the original movies. I’m seeing a Popeye – Pappy kinda relationship.

Well, that’s my Evil Dead 2-cents for a while. We’ll never get either project, but I guess, in a small way, I’m doing my own pining away for the AoD franchise. At least I’ve still got the comics right? ...And Campbell's "They Call Me Bruce" for that matter.

On an unrelated note did you know that AoD was called Captain Supermarket in Japan?!



Nick said...

An animated series might work but it'd be difficult given the subject matter.

Unless it's anime, generally animated series don't do well with concepts like zombies/deadites/etc.

A clear example, The Amazing Screw-On Head, which, while great did not get picked up.

Why anime/manga type series can get away with these sort of problems and thrive under them, I have no clue.

Looking forward to Call Me Bruce.

You read either of his books. They're GREAT.

Swinebread said...

Nick – I think your right about Anime being the only real viable route. The Japanese sure don’t shy away from making horror and action cartoons. Hmmm maybe Raimi could approach one of their animation companies with an AoD project. In Japan, it’s OK for adults to watch cartoons and to produce cartoons with adult content of all types... lucky them.

I have read “If Chins Could Kill.” I almost had Bruce sign my copy, but I chose to have him sign the Book of the Dead version of the Evil Dead DVD instead.

Dean Wormer said...

As I mentioned in the thread below I think Campbell might be getting a little "grouchy." You still hear good stuff about the guy when it comes to fans but it's not universal like it used to be.

If Chins Could Kill is much better than How To Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way IMO. The latter is mostly fictional. I love those stories about Raimi torturing him in the first book.

I think we will get another ED movie with Raimi and Campbell but it'll be another couple of years or so. As soon as Raimi sees himself falling of the A list of directors he'll throw this project on the front-burner.

Swinebread said...

dean – I get the feeling that Bruce has always had a little edge to him when it comes to the fans. I just think he's had a reason in the pst to be more professional but as his career has stagnated he probably feels less likely to give a lot to the fans anymore. I kinda felt this way after watching his mini-doc fanalysis .

Becca said...

Let me preface this by saying I once drove 4 hours both ways just to meet Bruce Campbell so I am kind of an insane fan girl.

That said either Bruce Campbell has to be Ash or don't bother making the movie. He just has that great over-the-top on-screen persona that works in movies like The Evil Dead. If they were to make another movie...even if Sam Raimi where to direct it, I get the feeling the actor will play everything over seriously the way most of these young movie brats do these days.

I'd love to see another Evil Dead movie but I think it's probably a mistake.

Still we can dream!

Swinebread said...

You are most likey right that making a new film would be a mistake... but...

btw, Becca do you read the comics at all? They have given me some comfort.