Sunday, December 30, 2007

Seven Lies for Seven Splotchies Tag

BAC has tagged me (See here ) and now I must make up 7 untrue facts about myself... As if I ever told the truth. heh heh

1. In 1998, I published a book titled Assyrian Sight. It is a historical fiction novel about Babai the Great, an Assyrian Christian leader, set during the 7th century. Several devastating wars between the Byzantine Empire and Persia figure prominently in the plot.

2. While vice chairman of the Nomenclature for Organic Chemical Transformations Board, I instituted several sweeping changes to IUPAC Nomenclature for Transformations methodology. Most namely the Theisberg index for evaporation.

3. I've been a guest lecturer at the Banff World Television Festival for several years now and was awarded best director in 2004 for the horror comedy Slayerrellla.

4. I had a quickie with Paula Abdul at the Espoo railway station in Espoo, Finaland. She was drunk at the time.

5. During a trip to the UK in 1995, I had a psychotic break with reality and stole a Dennis Dagger fire truck. I drove it around London like a maniac and ended up in the Thames River near the Isle of Dogs. It was a very sad and bitter time in my life.

6. In 2003 I was a judge at the Iowa Film Critics Awards. I was proud that I was one of the members that helped push Lost in Translation over the top to receive the best picture award.

7. I was engaged to Manoli Wetherell, the New York Bureau Chief Engineer for National Public Radio. She dumped me for a much more sophisticated person.

I'm tagging no one as no one ever does my tags, so what's the point? (except Snabulus, so you can do it if you want)



ladybug said...

Pretty funny stuff. Like the Paula Abdul Finnish thing...gawd, did you hate "Lost in Translation" too?

Buncha pretenious BS if you ask me...

Swinebread said...

ah no I though "lost in translation" was pretty good

but then I've been to Japan so maybe that had something to do with it