Friday, December 28, 2007

Give Me Some Sugar Xena

With Dynamite Entertainment having the comic books rights to both Xena and Ash you just knew this was going to happen. Well, OK, maybe I just knew it was going to happen but it seems obvious if you think about it.

Here's the copy from Dynamite's site (from here)
The cross-over no one asked for -- or expected -- is finally here! Too big for the movie of television screen, Dynamite presents the ultimate "Why Not? tale as Ash and Army of Darkness meets Xena, the Warrior Princess in the first issue of this 4-part mini series event! ...the first issue of our most unnecessary adventure finds Ashley J. Williams transported to the world of Xena and Gabrielle and most importantly Autolycus, who of course, bears more than a passing resemblance to our main man Ash. Throw in the NecornomICON and an evil little ash taking charge of a group of fairies (the winged kind) and hey, you've got yourselves a story!

Of course the real question is, after this series, which one of these two will crossover with Red Sonja? heh heh



Anonymous said...

I can see a Xena/Red Sonja crossover.

Never expected to see a Xena/Ash crossover, lol. But it does make sense, in a way.

Dr. Zaius said...

I'd like to see a Red Sonja/Casper the Friendly Ghost crossover. Red Sonja could help Casper find some new friends, and then kill them.

ladybug said...

Xena/Red Sonja...I''m sure there's money in that, so it must come to pass!

Arkonbey said...

Xena/Red Sonja!

Also: could that Ash look any less like Bruce Campbell?

Will "Filby" Staples said...

Wait, what?

I like how they're so cavalier about it. "The crossover no one asked for!" Why not, indeed?! XD

Xena/Red Sonja needs to happen, like, yesterday.

Swinebread said...

flo - with the whole Campbell thing it sure does...

dr. Zaius - hey, I like that idea!

arkonbey - I second that! and no he couldn't

will - true, it's not needed but it could be fun... right?

Doctor Smoke said...

Ash and Xena?

Great Sandalphone, no!
Why?! Those bastards! Those DIRTY BASTARDS!

Why not Ash and barney the dinosaur?

Swinebread said...

DIRTY BASTARDS seems very appropriate

but I think it will be fun