Monday, January 21, 2008

My New Comics

Last week’s best cover is Spider-Girl #16.

I didn't pick up much.

Dominion #4, Boom Studios.

Spider-Girl #16, Marvel Comics. In a word, Buscema.

Shadowpact #21, DC Comics.

New Exiles #1 #1, Marvel Comics.

Back issue #26, Twomorrows. (See here) Has nice articles on Airboy (the Eclipse Comics years), James Bond in comic books and the great Ms. Tree.



Overdroid said...

And we liked that.

Arkonbey said...

Not sure I agree with the best cover this time. Her Spider Sense looks like part of a logo for a beach resort. They're cheesy and way too prominent. I mean,aren't they usually more... metaphorical.

Doctor Smoke said...

Ms Tree rules!

Dean Wormer said...

Hit Excalibur last night. Didn't see a lot there but I picked up Fall of Cthulhu, Groo and Classic Doctor Who.

Groo was the best of the batch.

Swinebread said...

OD - we did too.

arkonbey - well I didn't have much choice this time as I choose the best cover from only the comics I've bought and not everything that's come out.

but maybe it just means she has a sunny personality... :D

Dr S I had this feeling you did! It's a great comic huh!

Dean - my shop is alywas sold out of Groo,

about five years ago they had all of the Groo stuff, up to that point, published in trades. but I haven't seen it for awhile.

Don Snabulus said...

the slavering fangs of a lurking Groo?