Thursday, January 17, 2008

One More Observation

I know, I know, everybody is sick of blogging about One More Day and Peter and Mary Jane’s Marriage disappearing but I just wanted say that, more major news organizations (and not so major) have finally picked up the story this week... least on the web. This one by the AP here is a good example. Most of them just regurgitate Joe Q’s spew about how wonderful the whole thing is and how the fans had now idea it was coming. Of course, opinions like these really reflect the surprise of the reporters that aren’t reading comics rather than the fans.

It’s funny, because this happened last month, but I guess a comic book can still make news even belatedly. Too bad it wasn’t a story that was actually any good.



Dean Wormer said...

Stupid Marvel.


(Although if it's Doctor Octopus Peter's cheating with that might be worth reading...)

Thomas Fummo said...

I've never been much of a spiderman fan, so I can't say I really appreciate the importance of Mj and Pete's relationship. I've missed to many episodes, storylines, what have you...
So, whilst I agree that variety is important in long running story arcs and that MJ and Pete's wedding was once seen as contreversial as their separation is now, I must say that things like:

"The ones who are new to superheroes like Spider-Man, they're excited about it," Pifer said. "They feel like they're starting at the beginning."

are just crocks of shit.
If people missed out on spiderman, they can go look up the old issues! no, not can... should!

Don Snabulus said...

The only thing that wasn't a yawner in the article was Stan Lee's quip about Spidey and MJ's decades long relationship:

"Amazing that they're not even middle-aged yet," he quipped.

Of course, it was the last sentence.

Dean Wormer said...


Have you seen the trailer for Doomsday?

Escape From New York + Road Warrior + Rhona Mitra = Must see now!

Overdroid said...

I think Spidey would stand out at speed dating.

Swinebread said...

Dean – I think they screwed the old fans to get the new fans, but I don’t’ think they’re gonna get as many new folks as they think.

I watched doomsday trailer, looks fun. J

Doc S – Yeah I now what you mean. Plus, it’s a lot harder in Italy

Snab – Stan’s funny, and at least he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

OD – yeah but the Flash would be way better.