Friday, October 3, 2008

Quick Comic Reviews

I haven’t even had a chance to pick up my comics for this week but here’s a few opinions on last week's stack.

Cthulhu Tales 5
This was an entertaining issue basically for the second story about Dr. Nyarlathotep. This tale is an obvious nod to a dream that H.P. Lovecraft had about a creepy sideshow magician named Nyarlathotep. This dream is the origin of the name Nyarlathotep by the way. I thought Boom’s interpretation of this wizard of Magnetism was horrifically fun and recalled a more whimsical time in horror stories.

Fall of Cthulhu: GodWar #2
Various characters from the previous Fall of Cthulhu series fall-in together as the war Between Nyarlathotep and Nodens begins to tear into the real world with devastating consequences. The more the story threads are gathered, the more the horror grows. The main characters are in way over their heads and they don’t’ even know it yet. This title is putting me on edge like a good horror flick or classic game session of Call of Cthulhu.

Northlanders #10
What we have here is essentially the second part of a story about a traitor, a boy who sells out his family and town to the Vikings in trade for a life as a warrior. It’s kinda hard to take but then life and death in the middle ages was very brutal. It’s strangely compelling to read a traitor’s story where the traitor succeeds.

She-Hulk #33
I remember when the Skrulls were short ugly aliens. Jazinda, She-Hulk’s Skull-friend, is just too hot. Basically she looks like a sexy 20 something with a ripple chin and green skin. Ahhh no. We already have one green skinned chick sticking her juicy ass out of the panels and we don’t need another. Sometimes aliens should just be the classic evil threat and not sympathetic. The art in this issue is great but She-Hulk seemed like a supporting character in her own title. Super Skrull is always good for a spectacular bashing though.

Hulk #6
This Hulk title has been a good series so far. I’ve enjoyed not knowing who the Red Hulk is and the appearances by the supporting cast are well done. Also, I think She-Hulk’s characterization is better here then in her own comic. Issue six really comes together in showing Hulk as not so bad when compared to the monsters that are always created to fight him. That’s classic hulk and that works. This isn’t a bunch psychological mumbo jumbo, it’s just straight up Hulk Smash. I’m not real familiar with what’s been going on with the Hulk stories so I’ve got no guesses on who the Red Hulk might be, but it is fun not having all the answers… as long as he doesn’t turn out to be a Skrull that is.


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Don Snabulus said...

Maybe they should rename it OliverNorthlanders. He's a f**king traitor.