Sunday, October 19, 2008

Star Trek the Experience Memories

Back in March 2007 the wife and I took a trip to Las Vegas. I hadn’t been blogging very long so I was a kinda overwhelmed about how to cover the whole trip so I just didn’t. I had been to Las Vegas before back in 1991 and I was pretty blown away by all the changes. The highlight of this mini vaction for me was Star Trek the Experience. It was a geek’s dream come true. Recently, Dean Wormer told me that this theme ride had closed down in September (I’d been too busy to notice with the Baby and the election) therefore I decided to show some of the photos I snapped… I wish I’d taken a lot more…

The entrance to the Ride/Show area of STtE had an amazing collection of props used in the various films and TV shows. I wanted to take a little more time in this area but I didn’t want to bore the wife, as she wasn’t familiar with Star Trek. This one was my favorite display cases as it had Nomad, the 3-D Chess set and miniskirt uniform.

You can see Voyager and Deep Space Nine uniforms but I can't remember where the one in the middle is supposed to be from.

Cast photos of the shows

A vulcan case, you can see Sarek's costume and Spock's harp.

Spock's Casket from ST II and ST III.

A Borg display to get you hyped up for the Borg Invasion 4-D. Starngly I didn't take any pictures of the other side that had all the Klingon stuff.

Borg Queen mannequin.

Quark's Bar was on the lower level next to the giftshop. The wife and I had a lot of fun eating there and I tried the Romulan Ale. Every section of the Bar had a different TV screen playing one of the ST films over and over again.

The salt sucking monster from the "Man Trap" episode of ST:TOS. This mannequin was on the lower level by Quark's Bar.

The classic Gorn from the ST:TOS episode "Arena." This mannequin was on the lower level by Quark's Bar.

Voyager and Enterprise D hung from the ceiling.

The show's themselves were expensive but very exciting. Of course the newer Borg Invasion 4-D was better than the dated Klingon Encounter, because it had a more interactive experience and the Borg are scarier villains. I have to admit, though, when I stood on the bridge of the Enterprise D (the Next Generation) during the The Klingon Encounter from the perspective of the crew, it was transportive experience so to speak.

There is some talk about opening the show again at Neonopolis Mall in Downtown Las Vegas.



Don Snabulus said...

I missed it, so I hope it reopens somewhere. It might be good to add some nods to the upcoming film as well.

Arkonbey said...


However, it looks like they just sort of crammed everything into whatever display case was handy, though; miniskirt uniform, 3d chess set, NOMAD?

I wonder how much the props have deteriorated. Most TV props are done on the cheap and aren't made to last. Plus, who'd have known upon cancellation that TOS would generate such a cult following enough to bother preserving anything?

pidomon said...

i so hope it reopens because if i ever got there i may never leave!

The Moody Minstrel said... mean I MISSED IT???!?

Dean Wormer said...

There's a chance it may reopen closer to the strip. The Hilton was too damned far from other cool stuff in Vegas.

I love Quark's bar. Trading insults with a Klingon when drunk was really fun. Those guys were great at those characters.

Dr. Zaius said...

I wish I could see it. I always wanted to make my own "Nomad" prop.