Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quick Comic Reviews

Conan The Cimmerian #4
The main drive of Conan’s return to Cimmeria and his involvement in Caollan’s problems with the Aesir has a “Savage Sword” kinda thrust that I’m enjoying. I think much of my gratification comes by way of Tomas Giorello's excellent art. The fight with the raised monsters was kinda hackneyed though especially the end. I like Richard Corbin’s interlude as well. Shem, this time around, has nice Lovecraftian touches.

Star Trek Romulans: The Hollow Crown #2
Excellent, Excellent. John Byrne has captured the sprit of TOS while using the grand flourishes of later trek series. I can’t say enough good things about it. If you enjoy Star Trek on any level and if you want to discover more about the Romulans, pick up this series. The only caveat is that it might be a tad predictable. I love the politics and plots that swirl around the Romulan throne. IDW has latched on to a great idea by exploring ST stories set with other groups of aliens besides the federation ones.

Solomon Kane #1
I have to admit I haven’t read Robert E. Howard’s SK stories so shame on me but I plan to at some point. Nevertheless, the 17th century is a ripe world to explore and the moody Solomon appears to be the just the person to take us through it. I could have used a zero issue to introduce this character his universe though. The first issue of SK has a relative calm before the storm sort of feel and Guevara’s scratchy line work and Stewart’s Fall color palette fit the mood. It’s worthy to note how Scott Allie juxtaposes the new religion of the Puritan SK with the old religion Catholicism of the Baron.

The Age of the Sentry #1-2
Sick of all the darkness in Marvel Universe, you want some of that good Silver Aged Superhero action? Then look no further than The Age of the Sentry. I initially bowed out of this but when I saw that Paul Tobin was writing some of the tales, I just new I had to support a local comic creator and I’m sure glad I did. What we have here, in essence, is Marvel’s Superman with some Captain Marvel thrown in too. Think of the kind of crazy sci-fi stories that Supes had in the late 50s and 60s and you’ll get an idea of the tone but with an early Marvel Universe twist. Each issue contains two stories with pseudo retro art. If I had to sum The Age of the Sentry up I’d say it’s akin to Alan Moore’s 1963, Alan Moore’s Supreme, and Mike Allred’s Mad Man. While the other Sentry stories were very depressing this series is golden goodness. Plus, the 2nd issue had a giant bear and Truman Capote. What more could you want?