Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quick Comic Reviews

Brothers in Arms
Probably the best War Comic I’ve ever read although I haven’t read a lot to be honest. If you’re into WWII action this is the place to be. With the 4th issue we’re at D-Day +1 and not everything is going according to plan, in fact the airborne troops are mostly wiped out in this one. Excellent plotting by Neumann and Wohl; we’re not told how to feel about the horrors of combat… we’re shown. I’m also enjoying the accuracy of the arms, uniforms and equipment without the Fetishization of them. If you want something akin to Saving Private Ryan in comic form, this is it.

Army of Darkness 14
If there was an Army of Darkness TV show, I bet the plot of one of the episodes would look a lot like this issue. Ash is back from time traveling… again and figures he’s gotta’ separate himself and the Necronomicon from the rest of humanity. Sadly, a couple of forest rangers interfered with those plans. The last panel reminded me of horrors that were unleashed in ROM #56. This is a mostly transitional issue that leads into a new storyline. Also, I don’t usually like comic art with a slightly cartoony touch but it works for me in this title.

Xena/Army of Darkness #1
Things go from corny to cornball with this first issue of the second Crossover of Xena and AoD. Ash went back in time in the last outing so now we get the reverse with Xena. My thoughts: A little too much exposition perhaps? I mean really, who didn’t pick up the first crossover that’s not gonna pick up this one? I know this is gonna have more laughs but maybe dynamite should have made this a 5-issue mini to make up for the exposition we are forced to go through. Mig’s art is serviceable but not great. A weak opening to a great concept.

Hulk #7
First off let me say I’m not a fan of Arthur Adams manga-ish art style and I’m certainly not a fan of the Grey Hulk and the psychological mumbo jumbo he represents but that’s what we get in the first of two stories in Hulk #7. I’m much more interested in the second story that centers around She-hulk forming a team to battle the Red Hulk. Frank Cho’s art is wonderful in this second story and it’s just makes more sense plot wise. So this issue is half good and half bad.

She-Hulk #34
Hey Marvel! Grow a pair… I don’t think you’re going to loose any readers in Burma or create political problems by actually setting the story in Myanmar. I’m really sick of fake countries. If you want to make a statement about human suffering then make it and stop pussyfooting around. That said, I enjoyed the implication from Thundra that maybe She-hulk and Jazinda should be lovers. I also like the fact that Thundra’s costume is still the same style she’s worn since the 1970s. Not everything needs to be updated. The last page reveal was cool too as I like this super group a lot.


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