Wednesday, June 4, 2008

4 Color Melancholia in Black and White

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Got the comic book blues? You're not alone. The Comic Book Lady has got it bad and with the awful husband and crappy cutomers you can see why.
Shot on 16mm in black and white, The Comic Book Lady follows ten days in the life of a comics store owner (Kathleen Jackson) who is dealing with trouble on the home front and ongoing eccentricities on the professional side. The film is set to screen June 11th at England’s International Film Festival and June 20th and the San Antonio Film Festival.

The movie was written and directed by store employee Shayne Barker, who began scripting the project in 2002 and shooting it with Miller in 2004. "We shot some initial test shots in color, but the Comic Book Lady character in the film is depressed," Miller tells the paper. "The comics in the background made things so colorful that it really didn't convey a feeling of depression. So we switched to the black-and-white film, which not only did a better job of conveying the feel of the film, it was also cheaper to purchase and process."
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Don Snabulus said...

I thought there were only 11 types of Kryptonite...oh, I'm not helping her am I?

Looks depressing but interesting. A couple of faces seemed vaguely familiar there.

Overdroid said...

This should cheer me up after all my peak oil readings.

Are you in this movie? I though i saw you in there. :P

pidomon said...

this should be good
and I have it on good advice there are actually 20 types of kryptonite but they are holding them back for the next 8 Crisisisisisisisisis

Swinebread said...

snab - well being a comic fan is depressing enough, I can't imagine being a comic book store owner.

Harvey Pekar is in there

OD -yeah, I'm the guy that makes jokes about jacking off.

pidomon - I think so too. CBL seems to have that indy vibe that Clerks had.

Only 8 more? we're almost at the end!