Monday, June 9, 2008

Hulk Good...?

The buzz on the Incredible Hulk is out... and it’s good!

Except for one or two quiet moments shared by Banner and his girlfriend while on the lam, Incredible Hulk doesn’t waste a single frame on dull talky exposition. It is all plot-driven and action-filled. In fact, unlike the much-hyped Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Incredible Hulk never runs out of steam. Put simply: this is the movie which audiences wanted to see back in 2003. No dull existential angst and weird split screen film techniques. No mutant poodles either. Instead we get some nice comic asides, including another cameo by Stan Lee and a riff on those mega-stretchy purple pants Banner always seems to wear.

With The Incredible Hulk Marvel has done it again. Like the recent Iron Man, Incredible Hulk is a definite Saturday matinee crowd-pleaser. Kids – and their parents – will love it. Unfortunately the only thing standing in the way of Incredible Hulk becoming the summer hit it deserves to be will be audiences’ negative memories of the 2003 original. Well, forget about all that: The Incredible Hulk may ultimately be as brainless as its main character, but it really is “incredible” this time around. And Hulk smashes stuff too . . .
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I was very angry with the first film in that Ang Lee completely missed the point of the character and tried to do some boring psycho babble story that wasn't in the spirit of the comics or the Hulk character. The Hulk is the most straightforward superhero of the marvel universe and putting layers of drama over the top of him is unnecessary and dull. Hulk has all the drama he needs just being himself. The Hulk comic has an amazing collection of villains and the fact that none of them were used in the first film shows you that the director didn't have a clue... a gamma poodle? Please. Lee's fiasco delayed a Hulk franchise by years. I'm glad Marvel decided to take a chance and remake the Hulk before his horrible version had faded from pop memory. The sooner we get a successful Hulk series of films the sooner we get a She-Hulk.

The fanboys (and girls) simply want "Hulk Smash" is that troo much to ask for?

Marvel Studios hit a homer with Iron Man, so lets hope they have resurrected the big o' mean and green from the grave.



Don Snabulus said...

Hulk sequel smash critics!

ladybug said...

Yea, this looks like it's going to be good. I didn't see the Ang Lee I don't have to put it out of my mind!

Arkonbey said...

fingers are SO crossed.

Have you guys read "Banner!" by Brian Azzarello and Richard Corben. It's a stand-alone Hulk story from like 2001 and I've always said it'd make a great movie and it looks as though the producers of the new Hulk thought so, too.

Check it out.

Swinebread said...

Snab – So critics don’t smash Hulk?

LB – Don’t ever see the Ang Lee one… your eyes will thank you.

Arkonbey – Thanks for the tip, I haven’t read much recent Hulk I’m kinda a 70s, and 80s kinda guy when it come to big green. I’ve got my fingers crossed too.

Doctor Smoke said...

Let's hope you are all right. It certainly looks fun. I'm lookign foreward to the 'purple pants' joke. I'd like to see them explain THAT one. ;-)

My main gripes with this movie, from what i can get from the trailer are these:

1) the animation looks terribly cartoony. Iron man was great because the armour looked REALLY realistic and blended so well with reality. Hulk looks like a stretch armstrong doll on steroids.

2) the bad guy is essentially the same old formula (similar to the one in iorn man): good guy becomes hero. bad guy copies hero (see Iron Man/Ironmonger... see Hulk/Abomination).

3) I agree Lee stretched out the psychobabble to breaking point, but I do hope this film won't be THAT brainless.

Doctor Smoke said...


swinebread. brace yourself for your cameo.

Swinebread said...

Doc S - we can only hope it's good, For Irom man they built an actual suit, They have to use CG for the hulk unfortunately.

I'm ready for my cameo!

Overdroid said...

Actually, your eyes will enjoy parts of the original because Jennifer Connelly is in it, but other than that they will not be happy.

Does the Hulk talk in this one?

I think they had to redo it because of the upcoming AVENGERS movie. wasn't Hulk an Avenger?

pidomon said...

i believe Hulk was a Defender first

Hoping the movie is good.

Dr. Zaius said...

I agree, Ang Lee's version was a slow, plodding mess. The best part of the film was Jennifer Connelly, and even she couldn't save it. Let's hope that this is a better version!

Swinebread said...

OD – Yes Jennifer Connelly is attractive but then the fact she’s bulimic or anorexic kinda ruins it.

Yes, Hulk was an avenger, but not for very long.

Pidomon – nope, he was an Avenger first but only for a short while in the first two issues of the Avengers comics. By the third Issue he was their enemy.

Dr. Zaius – He says he’s proud of his Hulk, bah he needs to smashed for that mess. The new Hulk is heavy on action, which should be a part of any hulk movie.